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Exposing the real reason we have a drug war

4 May

Exposing the real reason we have a drug war



From their nicotine patch to their Parkinson drug they control the crave. They don’t just make designer steroids for the jocks, their flying drones can be two miles up on a clear day and you couldn’t see or hear them, their satellites could see someone holding something 3” in diameter, back in the 1960s. They can find black oil miles below the ocean and you think you are safe in in brick house? Sound technology is classified information and we are creatures of sound. They can make a periscope the width of a human hair. They couldn’t send 13 million dollars to Yemen without a drug war and they couldn’t insure the 1% profit and monopolies without a drug war, these racist cowards will tell you they can’t explain why America has the highest addiction rate in the world, they will tell you it’s just black on black crime while they hide in the back ground creating anger, hate and jealousy. They gut our cities with their drug war and force us to surrender our freedom and the God power over the plants and animals to big pharm granted to all men in the Holy scriptures, they claim they are just helping these people out when almost every night there are two shooting by people fighting for their genetic, neurological, historical and religious rights to the power over the plants and animals, while the honest pot dealer is beaten in the ally with their Billy Clubs these racist cowards are free to push their garbage with impunity, claiming its just another weak will decedent American. Their needless air powered injectors you can find advertised in the medical journals in the 1990s, their air powered rifles can shred a steel can, not aluminum; using nothing but high powered air!, their lasers can make a micro hole in a 3/4 “sheet of steel, its time we expose what technology these racist cowards are using against the American people, and bring these Taliban Nazi cowards to justice read more in the books and web site http://www.smokingspirit123.wordpress.com,


Muslimization of the world and America, the By Product

20 Nov

Smok Ingspirit
Nov 17 (2 days ago) to bc1900

Muslimization of the world and America, the By Product
• 1960s the Afghanistan women could wear Mini skirts
• In 2010, military assistance to Pakistan totaled $2.5bn – including $1.2bn in coalition support funds now very conservative and dangerous radicals
• Iran gets nuclear weapons capability from Russia, US refused to negotiate with the Russians
• Iraq the most liberal state in the Gulf region, giving free health care and discounted cigarettes to its people, US Invades ignoring most facts and demanding to search Saddam bedroom
• Syria- Assad refuses to bend over for some gay cowards and now we have the Birth of Isis and millions of refugees
• Turkey– EU supports Muslim prime minister, now women have to live in fear of not wearing the burka
• Saudi Arabia. … And you can see reflections of it in Bosnia, in Kosovo, in Indonesia, in the Philippines … Well, the first generation of madrasas, [from] which many of these Northern … and they controlled the elite establishment in order to purchase support. May 26, 2011 – Islamabad’s inaction on extremism is a recurring theme in many of the … WikiLeaks: Saudi-Financed Madrasas More Widespread
• Is Prince Charles a Convert to Islam? :: Daniel Pipes
Nov 9, 2003 – The Prince has a great love for Islamic architecture and I can’t think of … on becoming king and supreme governor of the Church of England…
• Egypt– it was the progressives the liberals who started the Egypt revolution but instead of gaining any power the Muslim brotherhood and other extremist gained power
• Libya the US didn’t like Qaddafi now it’s far more dangerous and far more radical far more Muslim than it was under his control
• US Largest Prison Empire in the world as they target the immoral Decedent American Liberal Huntington Post reported an estimated 35,000 – 40,000 inmates convert to Islam each year, and that 15 percent of the total U.S. prison population or 350,000 inmates are Muslim. Nov 21, 2014
• These Gay cowards work to demonize Adam and Eve while secretly promoting Adam and Steve- Sabotaging heterosexual relationships they flood the population with Muslims
• They use the drug war to send 13 million to Yemen demanding Americans are not as smart as other countries to walk down to the store and buy what they want instead we have to give up our property rights, our freedom as they claim they only use their high technology to target the smokers or terrorist when in fact they work to create pushers and make more radicals and feed the gangs billions of dollars as they gut our cities targeting the Heterosexuals read more in the book
This Does Not Include, The Musliumization Of The Fort Hood Dr. and all he counsel or that The Muslim Brotherhood Created By The US And Brittan. Or That the Taliban was created by the Us 2 Fight Russians in Afghanistan, It is well known that The Koran Was Printed In Nebraska. They boast That The American Birth Rate Down By 30% and they need to cut back on social security because of the aging population or that Hover a blatant a blatant gay taught the Iranians how to spy on its citizens and with the dancing boys was able to blackmail others to join them, also Iran contra; while anonymous is attacking isis web sites US and Britons are beating off watching men beat off visiting immoral websites they claim they can’t shut down But you can be assured that the morality taught in Hovers Holiday Hotel is so more Morally righteous


29 Aug

A sin, a mortal sin; A sinner what has modern man justified these days as a sin? Can you eat pork and be a sinner Jew? What about a sinner Muslim, Christian or Buddhist? What makes some people feel the need to save someone, from sin? to step in and pass judgment, and then call him a sinner, then do some evil act or interfere with that mans decision, in the name of being righteous, and condemning the sinner, for their god was just too weak, too stupid to exact punishment so he takes in upon himself to do evil acts to these so called sinners. In spite that it is none of his concern, For something that concerns only the sinner and God. Whats between God and man let no man put us under, or pass judgment. Of course some will twist the line in the bible telling you “you are your brothers keeper”, and use that to justify their evil deeds, when the reference to keeper is not jail keeper but house keeper, wash the feet keeper, the lowest and in no way would ever question or try to interfere with the masters of his own fate. Others will tell you that the bible that is full of sex and people begetting each other that it should be X-RATED, some will try to tell you the Kane and Able story is really about doing drugs and getting laid, and that the violence is acceptable in all its forms but show the goodness of God and they will blow themselves up to try to stop it. Others will tell you that A MORTAL Sin is to honor God on the Sabbath in a church that has been (x-communicated) after 50 years for financial reasons, really? Some will say coffee, soda and caffeine is a sin, Others will tell you they are just waiting for god to come down and join them in their Hate and commendation of all of his creations. Although the reasons for passing immoral judgments against man has changed throughout the years throughout the centuries the truth of peace remains unchanged, the flower, the weed now covers many ancient civilizations; the flower won in peace. To follow Christ is to let some barbarians persecute and crucify him when with a blink of the eye could have destroyed the world or fought back. May the peace of the lord be with us all for although man has worked to hide to destroy Gods beauty and nature the truth remains unchanged, for it is a God of abundance, the great enabler who has freely given man the knowledge and power over the plants and animals , to have the universe if he so chooses. For the word sin in Spanish is without, its not the act, it is the needless and endless want, want this want that, while God is the great enabler and is nature is undeniable the sin is to be without, Christ died for your sins the parking fee has been paid with one condition follow me, with one word peace. According to Christ lawyer Nicodeamus Christ destroyed Hell as Christian we deny satin and his so called sins, Understanding what you do to the least you do to yourself, you do to God- regardless of what excuse you may use to justify your evil deeds It is the cross you bear today and the cross you will bear at resurrection. let those that will be, be, let those that wont be, be. Read more http://www.amazon.com/An-Opening-Living-Smoking-Spirit/dp/1460941136
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30 May

It is a well known fact that the petro chemical industry works closely with the medical establishment and the Arabs.

The medical establishment has bought and paid for laws based on fraudulent science, any highly questionable study can win FDA approval while weed in many states is considered too dangerous to study. The middle class is under attack and the poor has been under attack for many decades, many people are just a pay check away from being homeless or forced out of their homes to pay for the medical monopolies incompetence, they are in it for the profit not the cure. It is well known the Americans individual freedom is being lost as we are forced to give up more and more of our freedom to the medical establishment , drug testing employees, fraudulent DWIs, a drug war allows a few gay cowards to play god and attack the individual one person at a time, the Arabs know that they can use the medical establishment to buy laws to criminalize or silence anyone and with corrupt prosecutors who are exempt from prosecution for lying or withholding evidence, and when the states are penalized for not keeping their prisons at 80-90% they, the talibomb who have taken over the 1% use their money to destroy our freedom and turn the land of the free into the largest prison empire in the world, that with the drug war their lies and moral slander can destroy anyone. Is it so farfetched that the liberal Berkeley subversive would be the Arabs, and the medical monopolies number one enemy? Is the reason we have so many American vets on the streets hooked to drugs, is because they served in the armed forces? While they stack the population with Muslims and right wing conservatives as they promote their gay agenda and their idea of morality is hovers holiday clothing design, guys wearing their pants below their ass so as to signal other prison inmates they are ready, is it really so strange that America is the worlds biggest exporter of their drug war, and yet has the highest addiction rate in the world, the Arabs, Muslim are taking over the world and our freedom using their phony morality, outright lies and propaganda and high technology, when Hover had taught the Iranians how to spy on their citizens and monitor their morality, his national program is now being waged against the average American citizen, its time we expose what they are really doing, selling out our Genetics, neurological historical ancestral and religious rights, Granted in the power of the plants and animals god has granted all men, not just the gods in white coats o their gay bounty hunters. Read more ABOUT Christians and Freedom @ amazon.com http://www.smokingspirit123.wordpress.com

It’s time we have our own enforcement,

27 May

Everyone could see the glove didn’t fit O. J. Simpson but they stole something everyone could see that he must be guilty then it’s ok to set him up, steal something from him that he valued then told them to met him in a hotel to buy it back and when he tried to take it back, it was kidnapping, armed robbery, assault, in today’s judicial system these cowards are free to do anything to get their victim. If they don’t agree with the verdict, whether it’s the Colorado prosecutor who refuses to release someone he claims is gang or the prison system out in California refusing to release non violent offenders. The American citizen is under attack by these cowards and you are guilty until proven innocent, like the French head of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and considered to be a leading candidate for the 2012 French Presidency, not in favor of some us policy was arrest and jailed because some lying whore made a baseless accusation about him only latter to be proven innocent, but these Nazi can decide to make you guilty even after being proven innocent. We need to bring these gangs under control, killing people in new York for a cigarette or shooting someone with hands up, using their drug war to carry out a racist genocide needs to stop, I want my land back, I want my business back, I want my building back , my retirement back and I want to make sure these gay cowards don’t steal another car from a handicap because they want to sit around and get drunk and stoned teaching Cheech and Chong about friendship in America and after spending 12.9 million dollars they could only get him for selling glass art work out of state, it’s time we have our own enforcement, Read more in the books, http://www.amazon.com/About-Christians-Freedom-Smoking-Spirit/dp/1598720732 or an http://www.amazon.com/An-Opening-Living-Smoking-Spirit/dp/1460941136 https://smokingspirit123.wordpress.com/


21 Dec

The set up
It all started when they couldn’t get the father they decide to go after the sons, working in the travel industry in the 1970s all ready possibly labeled by the DEA, Fbi, and CIA and one must recognize the time period and the zero tolerance they had and encouraged to have against these people,(fear and loathing in Las Vegas referred to it as a genocide) they were allowed to steal anything from the drug user/criminal they were not only allowed to steal anything from drug users but encouraged with a huge financial boom for those and there informants, who could all prosper immensely from any baseless accusation or lie, this atmosphere is and was not only tolerated but encouraged from the top down, they could make their baseless accusation (the pot smokers a criminal) and spend 12.9 million dollars getting drunk and stoned at tax payer expense while they, drugged ,conditioned trained and used these people at their will, playing god as it were;(from rags to riches movie)the use of high technology weapons ,sound technology, temperature control, laser, needless air powered injectors , aerosols, or whether it be your personal home computer they might target, or financial or identity theft ,even the drugs they push on the street, I was amazed as a experienced traveler who during the Reagan years saw all the pot on the streets dry up in numerous cities replaced with their crack and pharmaceutical drugs; who made the meth recipe(retired Dow scientist)(dow and dupont, along with the Hearst were instrumental in buying the laws needed to wage the drug war)this profit boom allows a select few to play god while the rest are criminalized for the natural or forced to pay endlessly for the medical monopolies in competence, While they were shutting down smoke shops and boutiques in the 70s I was boasting about making bong cases for the traveler, knowing that I was a traveler and a smoker as long as I was under investigation they could travel first class while (disrupting the criminal element), they could also target any traveler this way, when I wanted to start a computer program to help our customers they didn’t want to hand that information over to a pot smoker, other financial means of sabotage, 9-11 and the changing industry forced the closure of the luggage company, I becoming a land lord who was not going to enforce the medical monopolies bought and paid for laws had suddenly become their number one enemy, while any night of the week 10-12 people on the streets pushing their drugs the honest pot dealer was beaten in the ally with their Billy clubs. 300 hundred trees I planted on my land each year my retirement was bought and paid for but they torture me out of my land and send me around the world to find a joint, they don’t just steal cars from the handi-cap or attack cancer patient. It was supposes to be so simple to get the person hooked to their drugs, or run them broke and call them crazy, while the 1% continue to sell out our freedom its time to let the truth be known, or these racist, gay cowards are going to continue to play god forcing all of us into slave labor, prison labor or you become their medical experiment. Hovers the head of the FBI was a blatant gay transvestite targeting his heterosexual opponent , all though they will tell you gays are just good at networking that’s why they can profit, although they will tell you they don’t know why hovers clothing design has hit the streets in such popularity (wearing you pants below your ass is prison talk to inform others you are ready to take it in the ass) it’s not by gross incompetence or negligence but by their design. It’s time to bring these gay lying cowards out of hiding for these scum insist if the women are not black fat and manly enough to appease them you are just out of luck petite women may be mistaken for under 18, and they should not be allowed to give anyone any immoral thoughts as these Nazis target the heterosexual with impunity we wonder why our police is using so much force against the people its because its top down its no longer patrolling to insure safety of the community but they have become a arm of the 1 % and states are now penalized unless they keep their prisons at 90% (Westword 2014) end the war before they sell out what’s left of our freedom http://www.smokingspirit123.wordpress.com

May the torch of freedom and its smoke burn bright into the next generation

2 Sep

They can’t even tell a geese’s brain, they can’t even make a pain meter or cure the common cold an yet as free Americans we must give up our freedom while these gods in white coats make us pay endlessly for their incompetence and the big pharmaceutical companies profits, not cures otherwise they will send their corrupt prosecutors after you who have complete immunity for lying/withholding evidence while they eliminate their opponent or the undesirable Berkeley subversives. The drug war is fraud. The drug war is for a select group of people to play god and high Roller while the rest of us are criminalized for the natural God given plants. From their nicotine patch to their Parkinson’s drug they control the crave they don’t just lie about their fen fen and viox drugs and they don’t just make designer drugs for the jocks. If we don’t stop these dictators who tell us regardless of all the science and technology that an American can’t make a building safe for a smoker and non-smoker to peacefully coexist, or that a person from Missouri or Texas is genetically different than a person from Colorado or California so they need to pay these back stabbing cowards $50,000.00 a year to target the smoker while they are free to push their garbage and chemicals on the streets with impunity then God help America. May the torch of freedom and its smoke burn bright into the next generation and may the Christian not be forced to condemn god and his creations or the power that God has granted all men over the plants and animals