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Knowledge is power

14 Mar

Knowledge is power, poison in the hands of someone with knowledge can be medicine, medicine in the hands of someone ignorant can be poison. Drugs have been used for centuries as a weapon from Socrates in ancient Greece to the American Indian, little has change in the America today the drug war or more correctly those who have knowledge and power are able to wage a war against the immoral. Started at first started with the Mexicans, blacks or even the hippies whether its weed, crack or bath salts every year a new drug hits the streets and the prisons for profit, health care or the lack of it has made the immoral the weak the old and sick victims. I am amazed to see those people who call themselves Americans and the small minds of those who believe that the 2nd amendment, the right to bare arms is only limited to carrying muskets, or that its written only for state organized militias, no the 2nd amendment is written to grant all Americans the right to defend ones self against outside forces or even a corrupt gov. While most of the first settlers to the old west carried with them a note book with the knowledge of herbs natural plants that were used to defend against snake bites aches and pains, and who knows how many acts of poisoning waged against one opponent or another. Herbs and Gods nature is a biblical right an individual’s right enshrined in the Declaration of Independence. That power and knowledge is being sold out to big pharma for profit Medical monopoly with extreme connections to the petrol chemical Muslim radicals. It is time we reconsider whether it is a good idea to hand over our freedom to the medical establishment so that they are the only ones who control the knowledge and power, to use a prison for profit system where only they can decide what’s best for you and hold the knowledge and power and the right to bare arms against a population it deems immoral. Read more in the book http://www.amazon.com/About-Christians-Freedom-Smoking-Spirit/dp/1598720732



30 May

It is a well known fact that the petro chemical industry works closely with the medical establishment and the Arabs.

The medical establishment has bought and paid for laws based on fraudulent science, any highly questionable study can win FDA approval while weed in many states is considered too dangerous to study. The middle class is under attack and the poor has been under attack for many decades, many people are just a pay check away from being homeless or forced out of their homes to pay for the medical monopolies incompetence, they are in it for the profit not the cure. It is well known the Americans individual freedom is being lost as we are forced to give up more and more of our freedom to the medical establishment , drug testing employees, fraudulent DWIs, a drug war allows a few gay cowards to play god and attack the individual one person at a time, the Arabs know that they can use the medical establishment to buy laws to criminalize or silence anyone and with corrupt prosecutors who are exempt from prosecution for lying or withholding evidence, and when the states are penalized for not keeping their prisons at 80-90% they, the talibomb who have taken over the 1% use their money to destroy our freedom and turn the land of the free into the largest prison empire in the world, that with the drug war their lies and moral slander can destroy anyone. Is it so farfetched that the liberal Berkeley subversive would be the Arabs, and the medical monopolies number one enemy? Is the reason we have so many American vets on the streets hooked to drugs, is because they served in the armed forces? While they stack the population with Muslims and right wing conservatives as they promote their gay agenda and their idea of morality is hovers holiday clothing design, guys wearing their pants below their ass so as to signal other prison inmates they are ready, is it really so strange that America is the worlds biggest exporter of their drug war, and yet has the highest addiction rate in the world, the Arabs, Muslim are taking over the world and our freedom using their phony morality, outright lies and propaganda and high technology, when Hover had taught the Iranians how to spy on their citizens and monitor their morality, his national program is now being waged against the average American citizen, its time we expose what they are really doing, selling out our Genetics, neurological historical ancestral and religious rights, Granted in the power of the plants and animals god has granted all men, not just the gods in white coats o their gay bounty hunters. Read more ABOUT Christians and Freedom @ amazon.com http://www.smokingspirit123.wordpress.com