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End the Charade/ end the phony drug war

24 Dec

Smok Eingspirit
19 hrs ยท
Living in a state where they use the drug war to eliminate anyone they don’t like being street smart and a traveler I have seen first hand how they control the crave, they flood the streets with garbage weed that you cant get high off of , which they can push with impunity while 10-12 people push their hard chemicals, “his will they take away”,increasing the desire to get high ,as they can block the neuron’s, from seeking any type of relief, and since they make the test, they make the machines that take the test ,and you have to know what you are looking for, you could pay endlessly for the medical monopoly incompetence or forced to take what ever big pharm happens to be pushing that year or you are considered crazy, denied the right to the natural plant they didn’t just spray paraquat on the weed knowing it does nothing but give the smoker cancer. I have seen on the streets weed supply dry up their crack,meth and many other drugs hit the streets in its place They are not protecting the people by making sure their is a safe supply, they make sure only their drugs get pushed. They have certified me as perfectly healthy more than once, I have a medical card from Cali. certifying that weed does me well, I also have a medical card from Colorado allowing me the right to take the natural plant, but here I am a criminal they can rip me off and screw me over endlessly. Although weed has a medical benefit for me my religion requires me to make the burnt offering twice a day for religious purposes I Honor the 1st page of of the Holy bible ” the power over the plants and animals” granted by God I also as a patriotic duty honor the declaration of independence written on paper made of weed that God and Gods nature I am entitled to. So end this fraud end this drug war quit playing god and end the charade quit quting our cities and let our people go so they too can prosper in peace