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Knowledge is power

14 Mar

Knowledge is power, poison in the hands of someone with knowledge can be medicine, medicine in the hands of someone ignorant can be poison. Drugs have been used for centuries as a weapon from Socrates in ancient Greece to the American Indian, little has change in the America today the drug war or more correctly those who have knowledge and power are able to wage a war against the immoral. Started at first started with the Mexicans, blacks or even the hippies whether its weed, crack or bath salts every year a new drug hits the streets and the prisons for profit, health care or the lack of it has made the immoral the weak the old and sick victims. I am amazed to see those people who call themselves Americans and the small minds of those who believe that the 2nd amendment, the right to bare arms is only limited to carrying muskets, or that its written only for state organized militias, no the 2nd amendment is written to grant all Americans the right to defend ones self against outside forces or even a corrupt gov. While most of the first settlers to the old west carried with them a note book with the knowledge of herbs natural plants that were used to defend against snake bites aches and pains, and who knows how many acts of poisoning waged against one opponent or another. Herbs and Gods nature is a biblical right an individual’s right enshrined in the Declaration of Independence. That power and knowledge is being sold out to big pharma for profit Medical monopoly with extreme connections to the petrol chemical Muslim radicals. It is time we reconsider whether it is a good idea to hand over our freedom to the medical establishment so that they are the only ones who control the knowledge and power, to use a prison for profit system where only they can decide what’s best for you and hold the knowledge and power and the right to bare arms against a population it deems immoral. Read more in the book http://www.amazon.com/About-Christians-Freedom-Smoking-Spirit/dp/1598720732


Are the Saudis Our Friends?

13 Aug

Are the Saudis Our Friends?
When any Saudi citizen who attacks an American gets a house and a wife (quantumino released). The Muslimization of this world needs to be looked at very closely, when a no name from the Saudi family, a very, very large Saudi family (and Harems) can spend 500 million dollars on a weekend home what’s to keep them from dropping a few million here, a few million there, to buy a few laws and target AMERICAN citizens? , They have turned the land of the free into the largest prison Empire in the world, and these cowards need to be brought to justice. When we could have fuel for 0.98 cents a gallon from weed, hemp when we could have plastics far stronger than we have today instead the oil industry is free to pollute our air and water as they rip the American people off 1 million dollars a minute from the oil industry. The medical monopoly boast that the American medical system would not be what it is today without the petro chemical and the Arabs working closely with them, they are in it for the profit not the cure, I use to believe that these people on the street just don’t want to work, but when they control most of the wealth its not that gays are just good at networking or their marriage tax was just an accident while people like Craig and Foley promote their phony morality to attack the decedent Berkeley subversives, the Berkley elite when the Muslim plays the moral card the Christians always supposed to loose , Its time we take a hard look at whether it’s just the immoral American that cant prosper or just believing its just another poor money manager as they nickel and dime the middle class and since the wealthiest get to decide who can prosper and who cant we need to see who has turned the land of the free into the largest Prison Empire in the world as these out of control gays promoting their phony morality demand that you stick your ass in the air 5 time a day and maybe the gods will piss on you. They have the technology to make two people highly attracted to each other or aggravated with each other creating high anxiety. (Discovery channel modern weapons). Their needless air powered injectors you can find advertised in the medical journals in the 1990s and their high powered Air riffles can shred a steel can using nothing but high powered air, they control the crave and these gay racist cowards are carrying out a genocide or maybe its just the very, very large Saudis family, who has bought and paid for laws that allow these cowards to operate with impunity attacking , sabotaging the so called undesirables, our poor and oppressed citizens, our Thomas Jefferson’s, George Washington’s or just a Christian who refuses to condemn God and his nature or had over that God given right over the plants and animals to the foreign owned pharmaceutical companies or to these gods in white and their bounty hunters who call us criminal as they fill Hover Holiday hotel promoting their hate and violence in their racist genocide. Read more in the books About Christians and Freedom @ amazon.com or An opening for the living also at Amazon.com by SMOKINGSPIRIT and SMOKINGSPIRIT123 or read the web http://www.smokingspirit123.wordpress.com

We will Honor

21 Jul

We will honor the first page of the Holy Scriptures, making sure our God given right to the power over the plants and animals is not sold out by a bunch of gay cowards to the foreign owned pharmaceutical companies so we will be smoking pot and celebrating that Christ died for our sins, So we don’t have to stick our ass in the air 5 times a day, and there are better ways to get laid than blowing up buildings, just walk down the store and offer the girl a couple of bucks i have to do my best to piss the Nazi gay cowards off enough to bring these racist sub humans out of hiding and admit what they are doing to the American people, they may claim it’s just black on black crimes, they may claim that the pot smoker is just irresponsible, or that these people on the street don’t want to work when theses sadistic scum use their high technology, their voodoo economics and sabotage while attacking the middle class and demanding that in America poor have to live under the new world order where its Slave Labor, Prison labor or you become their medical experiment. they may and claim its just the Berkeley subversive they target, or that they are only torturing the heroin addict out in California for the public good when they are attacking the heterosexuals, the smoker but when they control 80% of the wealth in this country its no wonder why palm springs is wealthy and Gay

It’s Time To Restore The Land Of The Free

15 Jul

It’s time to restore the land of the free, Hovers been dead a long time. It’s time to end the corruption and the endless profit off the old and sick and the homeless, they attack the poor and the black with their crack and look the other way with their crave. They are in it for the profit not the cure. When America has more criminals than China who has a billion more people the facts are over whelming. SOMETHING IS WRONG ! When the top 1 % control more than 80% of all the wealth, it’s time to look at who these Nazis are that are targeting the American people. If a teacher keeps failing its students we fire the teacher. We need to bring the land of the free into reality not let a group of gay cowards target our people. The states needs to grow up and quit playing victim. The use of high technology weapons that they can use against us now is unbelievable, but will be unstoppable in the future. Unless we bring these Nazi to justice and stop the whole sale slaughter of our freedom for our God given power over the plants and animals GOD has granted in the first page of the Holy Scriptures should not be sold out to the foreign owned pharmaceutical companies., our property rights should not be taken by forcing small privet owned companies to enforce the medical monopolies bought and paid for science , Imagine insisting its not how hard and individual works, nor all the science and technology in the world according to them can make a building safe for a smoker and non-smoker to peacefully co-exist, the Government should be insure our safety and peace, not enforcing bought and paid for laws that make criminals out of the people are playing the victim. OUR genetic, neurological, historical, natural and religious rights cannot be sold out, God saw what he made and it was good you don’t like rot in hell. May God bless America may the American declaration of independence be respected, in it GOD and His Natural goodness entitled to all people, written on paper made of weed, Hemp, and may the Christian not be forced to condemn God and his creations. http://www.smokingspirit@yahoo.com Facebook smok Eingspirit

Book recommendation for the Military

17 Jun

The recent military cadets claiming they were being discriminated against for not attending right wing Christian functions, the idea that adultery or sex has to do with morality, How could a person so messed up as the Fort Hood doctor get to such a position?, the right wing Christian who claims its ok to pass judgment, or do other evil deeds to people, but sex is just a sin god hates the most. The only thing different between the right wing and the talibomb is ones a cult, they both make excuses for doing their evil deeds. Any nerd could get laid in the 60s, today its such an immoral, so unless you have plenty of money or are Gay, want to get laid in America these days go to a gay bar. Hovers holiday Hotel clothing design hasn’t hit the streets of America with such popularity because of incompetence or negligence, (the people wearing their pants below their ass is prison jargon that the men are ready to take it). But you cant say anything about the gays then that’s a hate crime. While these cowards hide in the background using their high technology demonizing anything to do with Adam and Eve while secretly promoting Adam and Steve. When the land of the free has been turned into the largest prison Empire in the world we need to look at who are attacking the American people, who are these gay Nazi that will tell you the 1% are playing fair and need more tax breaks that we have to live in austerity as they demand slave labor, prison labor or you become their medical experiment. Is it the military? Or a group of gay cowards hiding in the back ground getting their rocks off, and since the 1% and the Arabs are in bed together have they been able to get a few top people to sell out our freedom? When the captain of the ship has to sell top secret information on the possibility of getting laid in Asia, its time we reexamine did god mean be fruit full and multiply to add a lot of conditions like, marriage, age,. And when the bible talks about everyone begetting each other you could be assured its just ancient soap opera. And when we are told not to fornicate you can be assured the ancient definition was to vault up should be ignored and use the modern definition of no sex, its time to check to see if the talibomb has not given a free hand to a few gay cowards who may have infiltrated the military, how deep are the Gay transvestite roots Hover has planted targeting the heterosexuals and the American citizens need to stop and they need to take the bible quiz if they have a morality issue. http://www.smokingspirit123.wordpress.com

The middle class is under attack

6 Jun

The middle class is under attack
The middle class is under attack, the poor have been under attack for a hell of a long time. The American people are being ripped off a million dollars a minute forced to pay the petro chemical oil industry for outrages fuel prices. When we could have fuel for 0.98 cents a gallon from weed, 0.56 dollars a gallon from rotten apples and all that money would stay local, no we wouldn’t be able to transport it long distance economically, that cuts the 1% out of the picture. The 1% who have been, infiltrated, taken over and converted to radical extreme Muslim, the prince of England talks about studying Islam pray, the Rockefellers were instrumental in getting some of the toughest drug laws passed in N.Y. and still today our Modern day Thomas Edison, George Washingtons and Henry Fords all illegal Drug users these gay Nazis would love to torture and convert, sit locked away. They can buy and pay for any drug to hit our streets, the medical monopoly is in it for the profit not the cure as they control the crave (his will they take away) but with all the money and science in the world and they tell the American he has to give up his property rights because he cant make a building safe for a smoker and nonsmoker to coexist. They are criminalizing the American people with the drug war selling out our natural, genetic, neurotically, historical, and religious rights to the foreign owned pharmaceutical companies while filling Hovers Holiday Hotel (Hover who controlled 4 presidents) and a blatant gay transvestite, who loved the little Iranian dancing Boys and taught the Iranians and his back stabbing cowards working for him that once a lie has been placed against someone, no agent dare risk a promotion to challenge their lie. They are not paid to write nice reports on pot smoker, long haired hippies, out spoken blacks or the Berkeley elite /subversives, they are paid to disrupt the criminal element that includes the smoker and heterosexual, and once these gay Nazi target you, you are forever guilty until they can get you to commit a crime, or call you crazy. The economical, emotional, and social war they are waging against our freedom against our rights against our prosperity is a crime. With the use of high technology, (man only sees 1 billionth of true reality) its not that the 1% are playing fair when they control 90% of the wealth, slave labor, prison labor or you become their medical experiment. Its not just by luck that the Gays are able to prosper as the cowards use their needless air powered injectors and sound technology to play god and attack the poor and middle class, its time we restore our freedom and bring these gay Nazis to justice. Least we forget every arrest is a failure and if a teacher keeps failing the students its time to replace the teacher. http://www.smokingspirit123.wordpress.com

Make the Facebook page reflect your case

29 Sep

Make the Facebook page reflect your case
• Kirby- tortured libertarian candidate Governor of California sought refugee status in Canada they sent him back held him till he pissed blood
• San Diego U, student- attended 420 party they attempted to kill him then apologized that he was a punk ass stoner and they normally wait UNTIL AFTER A CONVICTION
• Green party candidate- first on the no fly list 1998-99 was going to talk about alternative fuels denied the right to travel with no explanation
• Dow- DuPont petro chemicals- first to demand they expand the drug war on weed
• S. California black preacher- claiming Oliver North and Cia had eliminating all the weed on the streets and bringing in their drugs with their guns from Iran contra trials
• Detroit police boast- now that the city’s declared bankruptcy they can destroy another 20 houses with no bureaucracy
• President Fox of Mexico- was about to legalize small amounts of drugs Corrupt outside forces him convinced him otherwise then the new president calling himself Jesus let the gangs free killing over 30,000 people 100,000 displaced
• NY Police shooting- guy shot 25 times at his wedding ,guy shot 50 times at his apartment entrance by a gang of cowards not wearing uniforms as he reach for his wallet to show him his id
• Florida- undercovers operate with impunity selling their fake drugs and making millions as they convince people that they can make a few extra dollars in their hard times 100s of thousands of small time Deloreans
• Las Vegas – Fear and loathing in las Vegas by Hunter S. Thompson
• Missouri -Life in prison for a small amount of weed
• Arkansas- 5 years for a joint- that’s five years of their group showers and cavity searches – the Muslim can afford to send 12 million dollars to support the fighters in Yemen because of the drug war they can sell legal fake weed, bath salts etc. because it’s nearly impossible to get a good joint
• Kentucky- use to be a good quality pot producing state now it is the largest per capital consumer of pharmaceutical drugs
• Georgia -busting into a 80 year old lady’s house and shooting her for traces of weed
• A Medical patient-form California wonders into Texas and now facing 25 years to life because he brought his meds with him for weed/hash possession
• Spraying paraquat- on weed knowing it did nothing but give the smoker cancer
We Must recognize the true cost of this war they wage against us because we/You refuse to have tolerance and allow the different person to prosper instead of allowing the person to do what he wants we demand NO-TOLERENCE and all people are forced to give up their property rights but we can’t restrict the tobacco industry from putting chemicals in our tobacco- no we allow the state to keep claiming they are victims as they target our Thomas Edison’s whom you are to believe must of stole the light bulb, isn’t that what all illegal drug users do? No we have to persecute our Thomas Jefferson, or George Washington and Henry Fords all of them had something to do with weed- when we could be smoking oranges and vitamin C in our cigarettes they tell us there is no such thing as a safe cigarettes- the drug war is so a select group of people can play God and high roller- although they can’t even tell a geese’s brain we as free Americans have to give up our freedom so the NSA-DEA-CIA- FBI- can spy on us- its time to expose their war is fraud- “the American Medical establishment would not be what it is today if it wasn’t for the Arabs/OIL industry working closely with them”- they control the crave-I’m sure most people can remember hearing some horror story regarding the drug war and each time you are to believe its just one bad apple, just an innocent mistake when really its top down protocol and this war needs to be stop- the will of the people must be respected – because their technology and mandatory health care it won’t be long before they force all Americans to wear bracelets – because Rodriguez proves their test are fraud and the only way to insure that your child/or the citizen isn’t smoking drinking or even thinking impure thoughts is to mandate a bracelet for all, it will only be the drug user who protest then the information can automatically be sent to the NSA- DEA and your doctor- Help keep the world free stop the medical monopoly its not too late to change our fate and stop these snakes before they turn this world into another anti-drinking Anti-smoking state http://www.smokingspirit123.wordpress.com