the looker

11 Dec

maybe we need to send him to an Amazon tribe they don’t have any abuse down there ! and save the tax payer, or pray for more Mary Magdalene, more Ruths more King Davids wifes more good Samaritans more Adam and Eves more Josephs and Marys and of course if you dont agree with these gay cowards attacking heterosexual American men they turn a blind eye to the Arabs the Saudi family then you must be crazy , or they will use their technology and their drug war and get you in Hover Holiday hotel anyway they can, they are to afraid to find real terrorist and will tell you that it take 20 year for someone to get to the phone and dial 911 really, image what they will do when American are forced to have the Google chip implanted no one will be able to think any immoral thought unless the electronic god says its ok


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