The Radicalization of the population and Muslimization of the world and America,

24 Nov Smok Ingspirit Mon, Nov 23, 2015 at 6:35 PM
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Muslimization of the world and America, the By Product

• 1960s the Afghanistan women could wear Mini skirts

• In 2010, military assistance to Pakistan totaled $2.5bn – including $1.2bn in coalition support funds now very conservative and dangerous radicals

• Iran gets nuclear weapons capability from Russia, US refused to negotiate with the Russians

• Iraq the most liberal state in the Gulf region, giving free health care and discounted cigarettes to its people, US Invades ignoring most facts and demanding to search Saddam bedroom

• Syria- Assad refuses to bend over for some gay cowards and now we have the Birth of Isis and millions of refugees

• Turkey– EU supports Muslim prime minister, now women have to live in fear of not wearing the burka

• Saudi Arabia. … And you can see reflections of it in Bosnia, in Kosovo, in Indonesia, in the Philippines … Well, the first generation of madrasas, [from] which many of these Northern … and they controlled the elite establishment in order to purchase support. May 26, 2011 – Islamabad’s inaction on extremism is a recurring theme in many of the … WikiLeaks: Saudi-Financed Madrasas More Widespread

• Is Prince Charles a Convert to Islam? :: Daniel…/is-prince-charles-a-convert-to-islam

Nov 9, 2003 – The Prince has a great love for Islamic architecture and I can’t think of … on becoming king and supreme governor of the Church of England…

• Egypt– it was the progressives the liberals who started the Egypt revolution but instead of gaining any power the Muslim brotherhood and other extremist gained power

• Libya the US didn’t like Qaddafi now it’s far more dangerous and far more radical far more Muslim than it was under his control

• US Largest Prison Empire in the world as they target the immoral Decedent American Liberal Huntington Post reported an estimated 35,000 – 40,000 inmates convert to Islam each year, and that 15 percent of the total U.S. prison population or 350,000 inmates are Muslim. Nov 21, 2014

• These Gay cowards work to demonize Adam and Eve while secretly promoting Adam and Steve- Sabotaging heterosexual relationships while they flood the population with Muslims

• The addiction rate in America is higher than anywhere else in the world and we are to believe its just another weak willed individual.

• They use the drug war to send 13 million to Yemen demanding Americans are not as smart as other countries to walk down to the store and buy what they want instead we have to give up our property rights, our freedom as they claim they only use their high technology to target the smokers or terrorist when in fact they work to create pushers and make more radicals and feed the gangs billions of dollars as they gut our cities targeting the Heterosexuals read more in the book


The Radicalization of the population

Some of the attackers In Paris were from France and Belgium, The US has also seen Home Grown Terrorist. What is Radicalizing the population? Who is really behind this? Some Claim that 9-11 was an Inside job so they could steal our freedom. But Regardless if you vote Liberal or conservative they keep adding more and more police on the streets, We need to look at the root causes, what is causing this never ending Need? If we look at History, Hover Taught the Iranians to spy on its citizens to insure they were morally righteous, that system is now in use in the so called free world. You are to believe they are just trying to bring Unbiased facts to an Unbiased, when in reality they are not paid to write nice reports on the smokers or the Heterosexuals they are paid to disrupt the criminal element, the so called Undesirables, or anyone else they deem an undesirable. With no judge or jury ever required using today’s technology and since no agent dare risk a promotion to challenge their lie, you are just supposed to believe it’s just a bad money manager, or a lazy criminal or another no immoral. You are to believe that it’s just a few bad cops that beat the hell out of their victim when in reality its top down protocol, eliminate the undesirables at all cost, since their weapons are built with the express purpose of plausible deniability no one would ever know. They will claim it’s just their zero tolerance on an inanimate drug when really it’s a people that become their victims. As they pass judgement and slow execution on their target until they can make a criminal out of him. But then you are to believe it’s just another crazy talking to himself on the street corner. The Radicalization of the public is caused by the secret security services and a few gay cowards and Radical right wingers who have infiltrated them as they hide in the back ground disrupting the individual socially, emotionally and financially while promoting their Gay violent agenda, the fort hood doctor was a Muslim radical, but no one could see this. The 1% and their Nazi can use their technology from a distance. You are just supposed to believe that if you stick your ass in the air 5 times a day then maybe the gods will piss on you or just do your pigeon dance and maybe you will make all the traffic lights, or join the 700 club and you too can prosper but when the 1% who control 90% of the wealth and the need for their population control, their gay agenda becomes a necessity, although they will tell you the gays are just good at networking. Their attack is against our freedom but before we believe that it’s just another bad person let’s look at what and who is causing this violence and radicalization. We are told it’s always just this one bad terrorist, one evil guy and if we eliminate him it will solve the problem when really it just causes more. While we refuse to look at the root causes to see that these people are just a byproduct of the 1% agenda to destroy our freedom.


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