A look at the American justice system

28 Aug

A look at the American justice system

A look at the American justice system shows throughout the county you will see it is run by a bunch of corrupt gay Nazi carrying out a genocide. Where the prosecuting attorney ignore the basic facts or outright lie, where the police are forced to meet quota in order to keep the prisons for profit full or the states would be penalized. Where they work to make criminals out of the poor and the black using their drug war, claiming its just a week willed individual while secretly controlling the crave. Every Arrest equals a failure, if a teacher keeps failing its students its time to replace the teacher. They work to fill hover Holiday Hotel to promote their Gay agenda and carry out their population control. They sabotage the middle class putting unreal barriers that prevent them from profiting while they use VOODOO economics to buy up the property and open their crack houses to run the undesirable out. They will tell you their business can prosper because they are just better when really they are sabotaging any completion, using their high technology to get an unfair advantage, and can play god since the 1% control most of the wealth, the fight is just not fair and since their weapons are for ever classified you are just suppose to believe its another crazy black man talking to himself or just another bad money manager, when they are really demanding that we stick our asses in the air 5 times a day and maybe the Gods will piss on you until then its slave labor, prison labor, or you become their medical experiment. Read more in the book- http://www.amazon.com/About-Christians-Freedom-Smoking-Spirit/dp/1598720732


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