Musliumize the world.

26 Aug

Musliumize the world.
A warning what the Taliban is doing to Musliumize the world. They use slander, High technology weapons, lies and propaganda to destroy their opponent. With the millions that they make from the petro/chemical industry and working closely with the American Medical establishment to make it is what it is today ( In it for the profit not the cure) and what they spend to profit and maintain their monopolies with the knowledge that they gain from computers, cell phones, internet they think they know your next move with noise canceling technology and clear plastic drones Flying and camouflage David Copperfield and Chris Angel magic tricks, they can make anyone look suspicious, and if they put the magnifier under a persons life long enough, they can find some needle ( especially with now the Google chip implanted on the brain any and every thought , But when the Muslim plays the moral card the Christian or Buddhist is supposed to loose. They can use the drug war, sleep deprivation, sensory deprivation, create emotions, sabotage relationships, financial, emotional, and physical sabotage is easily created, they don’t just make designer steroids for the athletics. Hovers assaults were based on lies that could never be questioned. It is clear that hover was a blatant transvestite who offered up a few gays to justify their torture in Edgewood (heard it referred to as the Dakau for the gays Run by a bunch of Nazis.) Do we not today turn a blind eye as they offer up a few Muslims to justify their torture, they claim they are just torturing the Heroin Addicts in California, for the public good Or life in prison for a small amount of weed. They only tortured the governors of California the libertarian Candidate to help him out, or that Its just weak willed immoral movie stars end up getting hooked to their drugs or going through convulsions when held for a DUI. They are targeting the Heterosexuals In America while the middle class is also under attack. We are forced to give up the God given power of the plants and Animals Granted in the Holy scriptures, give up our property rights as no smoking so they can carry out their drug war, turning the land of the free into the largest prison population Prison Empire in the world and ¼ of our Vets are homeless are hooked to some drugs these Nazi suppress their technology and the science to play god. Its time the government bring these Taliban cowards out of hiding (targeting the Berkeley elite the Berkeley subversives flooding the population with Muslims) Its time the Government Grow up and quit playing victim and start minding its own business instead of trying to make victim out of people it need to be defended against the corporate elite the 1% that has also been infiltrated by the Taliban , not only do you have Hover and his gay dancing ironing dancing boys you have Rockefellers and the Muslim gardens , you have the prince of England and the Muslim brotherhood created by England and the US, or the Korans that were printed in Nebraska that justifies the attacks against any immoral because their god is just too weak or didn’t know what he was doing when he made the people, the plants or nature Read more


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