Muslimization of the world

24 Aug

Smok Eingspirit
2 hrs •
This ties in with the former Thai president who backed by the US used Voodoo economics to rip offf the people and the drug war to slaughter 1500 Thai people then had to flee to Saudis When the 1 % control the wealth these gay cowards can carry out their genocide using high tec weapons – the FBI agent in South East Asia that was exposing what these gay cowards are really doing (npr) instead of making that case or making any accusation against him, instead they claim to find some immoral photos on his computer and then make the case about his morality, when the Muslim plays the moral card the Christian or the Buddhist always losses, they feed off of creating hate, violence, jealousy, Their weapons are forever kept classified, they can shoot a satellite out of space in a storm traveling at 1400 miles per hour. Man only sees and hears one billionth of true reality if you are not filming at 500,000 frames per second you are not seeing the real world, if you are not seeing things in thermo imaging, ultra violet, gamma, infer red or any of the other spectrum of light waves if you are not hearing in super low frequency, or super high frequency you can be assured that some gay coward working for the petro chemical, Arabs, or medical monopoly, whether as a privet company or some other extremist who has infiltrated the land of the free and has turn it into the worlds largest prison empire as they claim that gays are just good at networking they work to promote their racist hatred, promote their gay agenda attacking the American middle class and demanding from the poor slave labor prison labor or you become their medical experiment. For the oil industry boast that they work closely with the medical establishment system making the American medical establishment what it is today, in it for the profit not the cure as they use their drug war, attacking the poor and black and the heterosexual demonizing Adam and Eve while secretly promoting Adam and Steve demanding the Christian hand over the GOD given power over the plants and animals to the foreign owned pharmaceutical companies demanding we condemn god And nature for their idea of morality, they were quick to demand the Philippines crack down on the women so they could stop their immoral behavior when really they wanted to have the women rely on men and keep them in poverty the US ambassador demands they outlaw prostitution, like the governor of New York (Gov. Eliot Spitzer. )cracks down on the street prostitutes while spending 5,000. On his personal whore, the Arabs can have their harems and dancing boys while promoting people like Foley and Craig morality that allow them to target Americans imprisoning them when there is no victim or forcing some phony morality that is only between man and God, let no man Pass judgment for all things are possible under god as long as the moral of peace, tolerance and liberty are respected read more in the book ABOUT CHRISTIANS AND FREEDOM@…/…/1598720732…

About Christians and Freedom
The First Page In order to get the message out about the power over the plants and animals God has entitled all men to, one must shock them, like (A shock Jock,) shock the public with the first page of the bible. Be fruitful and multiply is a God given right. Their are no exceptions written into …


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