Urban Expansion

18 Aug

Urban expansion

I saw a news report the other day where over 3000 people lined up for ticket amnesty if they didn’t they would face possible pull over arrest tow, held in jail this ticket amnesty was for only small time crimes, I thought why don’t these people just go out and form a town, that way they wouldn’t be persecuted, But that’s not what the one percent want time and time again people have tried it from Waco TX. To other places in the states like Oregon so called cults or communities are sabotaged, you are to believe that these people are held against their will or don’t know how to dial 911-but while the liberals are prevented from the right to exist the super-rich, Arabs, medical establishment, the oil, and petrol chemical industries can come in and buy up large plots of land have the state put in new roads add a whole bunch of restrictions on the land the dole it out to real estate companies and their buddies as they see fit using Voodoo economics and run the so call undesirables out building office buildings that can sit vacant for years, moving some of their back stabbing cowards in to a party area of town then filing noise complaints until they can promote their anti-drinking anti-smoking anti-Christ agenda forcing the bars to close to promote their phony morality or you become slave labor, prison labor or their medical experiment, they keep putting their jobs away from the people away from bus routes to target the poor, the middle class is under attack and yet you can see the effects of the FEDS policy’s supporting the 1% the Arabs the medical monopoly who is in it for the profit not the cure working closely with the petro chemical industry as they pollute our air and water gut our factory and the lively hood of man, It time we free the people let you be you and let me be me what’s between god and man let no man judge. The state need to grow up quit playing victim all the time and start protecting our environment our people from these back stabbing cowards selling out our freedom for their wallets and turning the land of the free into the largest Prison Empire in the world read more in the books


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