Are the Saudis Our Friends?

13 Aug

Are the Saudis Our Friends?
When any Saudi citizen who attacks an American gets a house and a wife (quantumino released). The Muslimization of this world needs to be looked at very closely, when a no name from the Saudi family, a very, very large Saudi family (and Harems) can spend 500 million dollars on a weekend home what’s to keep them from dropping a few million here, a few million there, to buy a few laws and target AMERICAN citizens? , They have turned the land of the free into the largest prison Empire in the world, and these cowards need to be brought to justice. When we could have fuel for 0.98 cents a gallon from weed, hemp when we could have plastics far stronger than we have today instead the oil industry is free to pollute our air and water as they rip the American people off 1 million dollars a minute from the oil industry. The medical monopoly boast that the American medical system would not be what it is today without the petro chemical and the Arabs working closely with them, they are in it for the profit not the cure, I use to believe that these people on the street just don’t want to work, but when they control most of the wealth its not that gays are just good at networking or their marriage tax was just an accident while people like Craig and Foley promote their phony morality to attack the decedent Berkeley subversives, the Berkley elite when the Muslim plays the moral card the Christians always supposed to loose , Its time we take a hard look at whether it’s just the immoral American that cant prosper or just believing its just another poor money manager as they nickel and dime the middle class and since the wealthiest get to decide who can prosper and who cant we need to see who has turned the land of the free into the largest Prison Empire in the world as these out of control gays promoting their phony morality demand that you stick your ass in the air 5 time a day and maybe the gods will piss on you. They have the technology to make two people highly attracted to each other or aggravated with each other creating high anxiety. (Discovery channel modern weapons). Their needless air powered injectors you can find advertised in the medical journals in the 1990s and their high powered Air riffles can shred a steel can using nothing but high powered air, they control the crave and these gay racist cowards are carrying out a genocide or maybe its just the very, very large Saudis family, who has bought and paid for laws that allow these cowards to operate with impunity attacking , sabotaging the so called undesirables, our poor and oppressed citizens, our Thomas Jefferson’s, George Washington’s or just a Christian who refuses to condemn God and his nature or had over that God given right over the plants and animals to the foreign owned pharmaceutical companies or to these gods in white and their bounty hunters who call us criminal as they fill Hover Holiday hotel promoting their hate and violence in their racist genocide. Read more in the books About Christians and Freedom @ or An opening for the living also at by SMOKINGSPIRIT and SMOKINGSPIRIT123 or read the web


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