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29 Aug

A sin, a mortal sin; A sinner what has modern man justified these days as a sin? Can you eat pork and be a sinner Jew? What about a sinner Muslim, Christian or Buddhist? What makes some people feel the need to save someone, from sin? to step in and pass judgment, and then call him a sinner, then do some evil act or interfere with that mans decision, in the name of being righteous, and condemning the sinner, for their god was just too weak, too stupid to exact punishment so he takes in upon himself to do evil acts to these so called sinners. In spite that it is none of his concern, For something that concerns only the sinner and God. Whats between God and man let no man put us under, or pass judgment. Of course some will twist the line in the bible telling you “you are your brothers keeper”, and use that to justify their evil deeds, when the reference to keeper is not jail keeper but house keeper, wash the feet keeper, the lowest and in no way would ever question or try to interfere with the masters of his own fate. Others will tell you that the bible that is full of sex and people begetting each other that it should be X-RATED, some will try to tell you the Kane and Able story is really about doing drugs and getting laid, and that the violence is acceptable in all its forms but show the goodness of God and they will blow themselves up to try to stop it. Others will tell you that A MORTAL Sin is to honor God on the Sabbath in a church that has been (x-communicated) after 50 years for financial reasons, really? Some will say coffee, soda and caffeine is a sin, Others will tell you they are just waiting for god to come down and join them in their Hate and commendation of all of his creations. Although the reasons for passing immoral judgments against man has changed throughout the years throughout the centuries the truth of peace remains unchanged, the flower, the weed now covers many ancient civilizations; the flower won in peace. To follow Christ is to let some barbarians persecute and crucify him when with a blink of the eye could have destroyed the world or fought back. May the peace of the lord be with us all for although man has worked to hide to destroy Gods beauty and nature the truth remains unchanged, for it is a God of abundance, the great enabler who has freely given man the knowledge and power over the plants and animals , to have the universe if he so chooses. For the word sin in Spanish is without, its not the act, it is the needless and endless want, want this want that, while God is the great enabler and is nature is undeniable the sin is to be without, Christ died for your sins the parking fee has been paid with one condition follow me, with one word peace. According to Christ lawyer Nicodeamus Christ destroyed Hell as Christian we deny satin and his so called sins, Understanding what you do to the least you do to yourself, you do to God- regardless of what excuse you may use to justify your evil deeds It is the cross you bear today and the cross you will bear at resurrection. let those that will be, be, let those that wont be, be. Read more
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A look at the American justice system

28 Aug

A look at the American justice system

A look at the American justice system shows throughout the county you will see it is run by a bunch of corrupt gay Nazi carrying out a genocide. Where the prosecuting attorney ignore the basic facts or outright lie, where the police are forced to meet quota in order to keep the prisons for profit full or the states would be penalized. Where they work to make criminals out of the poor and the black using their drug war, claiming its just a week willed individual while secretly controlling the crave. Every Arrest equals a failure, if a teacher keeps failing its students its time to replace the teacher. They work to fill hover Holiday Hotel to promote their Gay agenda and carry out their population control. They sabotage the middle class putting unreal barriers that prevent them from profiting while they use VOODOO economics to buy up the property and open their crack houses to run the undesirable out. They will tell you their business can prosper because they are just better when really they are sabotaging any completion, using their high technology to get an unfair advantage, and can play god since the 1% control most of the wealth, the fight is just not fair and since their weapons are for ever classified you are just suppose to believe its another crazy black man talking to himself or just another bad money manager, when they are really demanding that we stick our asses in the air 5 times a day and maybe the Gods will piss on you until then its slave labor, prison labor, or you become their medical experiment. Read more in the book-

Musliumize the world.

26 Aug

Musliumize the world.
A warning what the Taliban is doing to Musliumize the world. They use slander, High technology weapons, lies and propaganda to destroy their opponent. With the millions that they make from the petro/chemical industry and working closely with the American Medical establishment to make it is what it is today ( In it for the profit not the cure) and what they spend to profit and maintain their monopolies with the knowledge that they gain from computers, cell phones, internet they think they know your next move with noise canceling technology and clear plastic drones Flying and camouflage David Copperfield and Chris Angel magic tricks, they can make anyone look suspicious, and if they put the magnifier under a persons life long enough, they can find some needle ( especially with now the Google chip implanted on the brain any and every thought , But when the Muslim plays the moral card the Christian or Buddhist is supposed to loose. They can use the drug war, sleep deprivation, sensory deprivation, create emotions, sabotage relationships, financial, emotional, and physical sabotage is easily created, they don’t just make designer steroids for the athletics. Hovers assaults were based on lies that could never be questioned. It is clear that hover was a blatant transvestite who offered up a few gays to justify their torture in Edgewood (heard it referred to as the Dakau for the gays Run by a bunch of Nazis.) Do we not today turn a blind eye as they offer up a few Muslims to justify their torture, they claim they are just torturing the Heroin Addicts in California, for the public good Or life in prison for a small amount of weed. They only tortured the governors of California the libertarian Candidate to help him out, or that Its just weak willed immoral movie stars end up getting hooked to their drugs or going through convulsions when held for a DUI. They are targeting the Heterosexuals In America while the middle class is also under attack. We are forced to give up the God given power of the plants and Animals Granted in the Holy scriptures, give up our property rights as no smoking so they can carry out their drug war, turning the land of the free into the largest prison population Prison Empire in the world and ¼ of our Vets are homeless are hooked to some drugs these Nazi suppress their technology and the science to play god. Its time the government bring these Taliban cowards out of hiding (targeting the Berkeley elite the Berkeley subversives flooding the population with Muslims) Its time the Government Grow up and quit playing victim and start minding its own business instead of trying to make victim out of people it need to be defended against the corporate elite the 1% that has also been infiltrated by the Taliban , not only do you have Hover and his gay dancing ironing dancing boys you have Rockefellers and the Muslim gardens , you have the prince of England and the Muslim brotherhood created by England and the US, or the Korans that were printed in Nebraska that justifies the attacks against any immoral because their god is just too weak or didn’t know what he was doing when he made the people, the plants or nature Read more

Muslimization of the world

24 Aug

Smok Eingspirit
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This ties in with the former Thai president who backed by the US used Voodoo economics to rip offf the people and the drug war to slaughter 1500 Thai people then had to flee to Saudis When the 1 % control the wealth these gay cowards can carry out their genocide using high tec weapons – the FBI agent in South East Asia that was exposing what these gay cowards are really doing (npr) instead of making that case or making any accusation against him, instead they claim to find some immoral photos on his computer and then make the case about his morality, when the Muslim plays the moral card the Christian or the Buddhist always losses, they feed off of creating hate, violence, jealousy, Their weapons are forever kept classified, they can shoot a satellite out of space in a storm traveling at 1400 miles per hour. Man only sees and hears one billionth of true reality if you are not filming at 500,000 frames per second you are not seeing the real world, if you are not seeing things in thermo imaging, ultra violet, gamma, infer red or any of the other spectrum of light waves if you are not hearing in super low frequency, or super high frequency you can be assured that some gay coward working for the petro chemical, Arabs, or medical monopoly, whether as a privet company or some other extremist who has infiltrated the land of the free and has turn it into the worlds largest prison empire as they claim that gays are just good at networking they work to promote their racist hatred, promote their gay agenda attacking the American middle class and demanding from the poor slave labor prison labor or you become their medical experiment. For the oil industry boast that they work closely with the medical establishment system making the American medical establishment what it is today, in it for the profit not the cure as they use their drug war, attacking the poor and black and the heterosexual demonizing Adam and Eve while secretly promoting Adam and Steve demanding the Christian hand over the GOD given power over the plants and animals to the foreign owned pharmaceutical companies demanding we condemn god And nature for their idea of morality, they were quick to demand the Philippines crack down on the women so they could stop their immoral behavior when really they wanted to have the women rely on men and keep them in poverty the US ambassador demands they outlaw prostitution, like the governor of New York (Gov. Eliot Spitzer. )cracks down on the street prostitutes while spending 5,000. On his personal whore, the Arabs can have their harems and dancing boys while promoting people like Foley and Craig morality that allow them to target Americans imprisoning them when there is no victim or forcing some phony morality that is only between man and God, let no man Pass judgment for all things are possible under god as long as the moral of peace, tolerance and liberty are respected read more in the book ABOUT CHRISTIANS AND FREEDOM@…/…/1598720732…

About Christians and Freedom
The First Page In order to get the message out about the power over the plants and animals God has entitled all men to, one must shock them, like (A shock Jock,) shock the public with the first page of the bible. Be fruitful and multiply is a God given right. Their are no exceptions written into …

Urban Expansion

18 Aug

Urban expansion

I saw a news report the other day where over 3000 people lined up for ticket amnesty if they didn’t they would face possible pull over arrest tow, held in jail this ticket amnesty was for only small time crimes, I thought why don’t these people just go out and form a town, that way they wouldn’t be persecuted, But that’s not what the one percent want time and time again people have tried it from Waco TX. To other places in the states like Oregon so called cults or communities are sabotaged, you are to believe that these people are held against their will or don’t know how to dial 911-but while the liberals are prevented from the right to exist the super-rich, Arabs, medical establishment, the oil, and petrol chemical industries can come in and buy up large plots of land have the state put in new roads add a whole bunch of restrictions on the land the dole it out to real estate companies and their buddies as they see fit using Voodoo economics and run the so call undesirables out building office buildings that can sit vacant for years, moving some of their back stabbing cowards in to a party area of town then filing noise complaints until they can promote their anti-drinking anti-smoking anti-Christ agenda forcing the bars to close to promote their phony morality or you become slave labor, prison labor or their medical experiment, they keep putting their jobs away from the people away from bus routes to target the poor, the middle class is under attack and yet you can see the effects of the FEDS policy’s supporting the 1% the Arabs the medical monopoly who is in it for the profit not the cure working closely with the petro chemical industry as they pollute our air and water gut our factory and the lively hood of man, It time we free the people let you be you and let me be me what’s between god and man let no man judge. The state need to grow up quit playing victim all the time and start protecting our environment our people from these back stabbing cowards selling out our freedom for their wallets and turning the land of the free into the largest Prison Empire in the world read more in the books

Are the Saudis Our Friends?

13 Aug

Are the Saudis Our Friends?.

Are the Saudis Our Friends?

13 Aug

Are the Saudis Our Friends?
When any Saudi citizen who attacks an American gets a house and a wife (quantumino released). The Muslimization of this world needs to be looked at very closely, when a no name from the Saudi family, a very, very large Saudi family (and Harems) can spend 500 million dollars on a weekend home what’s to keep them from dropping a few million here, a few million there, to buy a few laws and target AMERICAN citizens? , They have turned the land of the free into the largest prison Empire in the world, and these cowards need to be brought to justice. When we could have fuel for 0.98 cents a gallon from weed, hemp when we could have plastics far stronger than we have today instead the oil industry is free to pollute our air and water as they rip the American people off 1 million dollars a minute from the oil industry. The medical monopoly boast that the American medical system would not be what it is today without the petro chemical and the Arabs working closely with them, they are in it for the profit not the cure, I use to believe that these people on the street just don’t want to work, but when they control most of the wealth its not that gays are just good at networking or their marriage tax was just an accident while people like Craig and Foley promote their phony morality to attack the decedent Berkeley subversives, the Berkley elite when the Muslim plays the moral card the Christians always supposed to loose , Its time we take a hard look at whether it’s just the immoral American that cant prosper or just believing its just another poor money manager as they nickel and dime the middle class and since the wealthiest get to decide who can prosper and who cant we need to see who has turned the land of the free into the largest Prison Empire in the world as these out of control gays promoting their phony morality demand that you stick your ass in the air 5 time a day and maybe the gods will piss on you. They have the technology to make two people highly attracted to each other or aggravated with each other creating high anxiety. (Discovery channel modern weapons). Their needless air powered injectors you can find advertised in the medical journals in the 1990s and their high powered Air riffles can shred a steel can using nothing but high powered air, they control the crave and these gay racist cowards are carrying out a genocide or maybe its just the very, very large Saudis family, who has bought and paid for laws that allow these cowards to operate with impunity attacking , sabotaging the so called undesirables, our poor and oppressed citizens, our Thomas Jefferson’s, George Washington’s or just a Christian who refuses to condemn God and his nature or had over that God given right over the plants and animals to the foreign owned pharmaceutical companies or to these gods in white and their bounty hunters who call us criminal as they fill Hover Holiday hotel promoting their hate and violence in their racist genocide. Read more in the books About Christians and Freedom @ or An opening for the living also at by SMOKINGSPIRIT and SMOKINGSPIRIT123 or read the web