Book recommendation for the Military

17 Jun

The recent military cadets claiming they were being discriminated against for not attending right wing Christian functions, the idea that adultery or sex has to do with morality, How could a person so messed up as the Fort Hood doctor get to such a position?, the right wing Christian who claims its ok to pass judgment, or do other evil deeds to people, but sex is just a sin god hates the most. The only thing different between the right wing and the talibomb is ones a cult, they both make excuses for doing their evil deeds. Any nerd could get laid in the 60s, today its such an immoral, so unless you have plenty of money or are Gay, want to get laid in America these days go to a gay bar. Hovers holiday Hotel clothing design hasn’t hit the streets of America with such popularity because of incompetence or negligence, (the people wearing their pants below their ass is prison jargon that the men are ready to take it). But you cant say anything about the gays then that’s a hate crime. While these cowards hide in the background using their high technology demonizing anything to do with Adam and Eve while secretly promoting Adam and Steve. When the land of the free has been turned into the largest prison Empire in the world we need to look at who are attacking the American people, who are these gay Nazi that will tell you the 1% are playing fair and need more tax breaks that we have to live in austerity as they demand slave labor, prison labor or you become their medical experiment. Is it the military? Or a group of gay cowards hiding in the back ground getting their rocks off, and since the 1% and the Arabs are in bed together have they been able to get a few top people to sell out our freedom? When the captain of the ship has to sell top secret information on the possibility of getting laid in Asia, its time we reexamine did god mean be fruit full and multiply to add a lot of conditions like, marriage, age,. And when the bible talks about everyone begetting each other you could be assured its just ancient soap opera. And when we are told not to fornicate you can be assured the ancient definition was to vault up should be ignored and use the modern definition of no sex, its time to check to see if the talibomb has not given a free hand to a few gay cowards who may have infiltrated the military, how deep are the Gay transvestite roots Hover has planted targeting the heterosexuals and the American citizens need to stop and they need to take the bible quiz if they have a morality issue.


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