It’s time we have our own enforcement,

27 May

Everyone could see the glove didn’t fit O. J. Simpson but they stole something everyone could see that he must be guilty then it’s ok to set him up, steal something from him that he valued then told them to met him in a hotel to buy it back and when he tried to take it back, it was kidnapping, armed robbery, assault, in today’s judicial system these cowards are free to do anything to get their victim. If they don’t agree with the verdict, whether it’s the Colorado prosecutor who refuses to release someone he claims is gang or the prison system out in California refusing to release non violent offenders. The American citizen is under attack by these cowards and you are guilty until proven innocent, like the French head of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and considered to be a leading candidate for the 2012 French Presidency, not in favor of some us policy was arrest and jailed because some lying whore made a baseless accusation about him only latter to be proven innocent, but these Nazi can decide to make you guilty even after being proven innocent. We need to bring these gangs under control, killing people in new York for a cigarette or shooting someone with hands up, using their drug war to carry out a racist genocide needs to stop, I want my land back, I want my business back, I want my building back , my retirement back and I want to make sure these gay cowards don’t steal another car from a handicap because they want to sit around and get drunk and stoned teaching Cheech and Chong about friendship in America and after spending 12.9 million dollars they could only get him for selling glass art work out of state, it’s time we have our own enforcement, Read more in the books, or an


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