Smok Eingspirit facebook

14 May

Smok Eingspirit facebook


[Once they place there lie you are forever guilty]

Smok Eingspirit shared a link on New York Daily News.
21 hrs •
The object is to use their hi- technology, fraudulent science, lies and propaganda so they can play high roller and god while selling out our natural, genetic, neurological, historical, ancestral and religious rights. The foreign owned big pharmaceutical companies, who work closely with the oil industry and the 1 % work to musliumize the world. (Targeting the undesirables the Berkeley subversives and elite) while flooding the population with Muslims, forcing Americans to give up the power granted in the first page of the Holy Scriptures, except for a select few gods in white coats everyone else is denied this power and forced to pay endlessly for the medical monopolies incompetence or be criminalized. They are in it for the profit not the cure and they can criminalize people at will, using slander and baseless accusations and the drug war to demonize their opponent and sell out our freedom for their wallets. READ MORE – In the books ABOUT CHRISTIANS AND FREEDOM @AMAZON.COM…/…/1598720732


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