cant get the father go after the son

14 Mar

Subject: Fw: Decades under these natzi a modern day dred scott case
From: robert christophel (

Date: Tuesday, February 10, 2015 2:36 PM

On Tuesday, February 10, 2015 2:21 PM, robert christophel wrote:

Dear honorable sir,

I have spent the last 40 years under a group of racist GAY COWARDS trying to make a criminal out of me sabotaging me socially emotionally and finically. They have denied me the right to exist, they have denied me my human rights they have denied me my American rights they have a history of lying cheating and stealing, their drug test are fraudulent. Man has been sitting around since the beginning of time getting drunk and stoned and suddenly they are free to target the American men, denying them the natural genetic neurological, historical and religious right in the name of their fraudulent science. All evidence point to corrupt government officials trying to get their rocks off while targeting the Berkeley elite, the government insist they know nothing about me, if so then I was attacked by the Taliban and it is imperative these Nazi are stopped and brought to justice before they bust into another 80 year old ladies house and shoot her for weed or give someone life imprison on a small amount of weed. Or deny the Christian the god given right to the power over the plants and animals, granted in the first page of the Holy Scriptures

The set up

It all started when they couldn’t get the father they decide to go after the sons, working in the travel industry in the 1970s all ready possibly labeled by the DEA, Fbi, and CIA and one must recognize the time period and the zero tolerance they had and encouraged to have against these people,(fear and loathing in Las Vegas referred to it as a genocide) they were allowed to steal anything from the drug user/criminal they were not only allowed to steal anything from drug users but encouraged with a huge financial boom for those and there informants, who could all prosper immensely from any baseless accusation or lie, this atmosphere is and was not only tolerated but encouraged from the top down, they could make their baseless accusation (the pot smokers a criminal) and spend 12.9 million dollars getting drunk and stoned at tax payer expense while they, drugged, conditioned trained and used these people at their will, playing god as it were;(from rags to riches movie)the use of high technology weapons, sound technology, temperature control, laser, needless air powered injectors , aerosols, or whether it be your personal home computer they might target, or financial or identity theft, even the drugs they push on the street, I was amazed as a experienced traveler who during the Reagan years saw all the pot on the streets dry up in numerous cities replaced with their crack and pharmaceutical drugs; Iran contra affair, who made the meth recipe(retired Dow scientist)(Dow and DuPont, along with the Hearst were instrumental in buying the laws needed to wage the drug war) this profit boom allows a select few to play god while the rest are criminalized for the natural or forced to pay endlessly for the medical monopolies incompetence, While they were shutting down smoke shops and boutiques in the 70s I was boasting about making bong cases for the traveler, knowing that I was a traveler and a smoker as long as I was under investigation they could travel first class while (disrupting the criminal element, the smoker the heterosexual), they could also target any traveler this way, when I wanted to start a computer program to help our customers they didn’t want to hand that information over to a pot smoker, other financial means of sabotage, 9-11 and the changing industry forced the closure of the luggage company, I becoming a land lord who was not going to enforce the medical monopolies bought and paid for laws had suddenly become their number one enemy, while any night of the week 10-12 people on the streets pushing their chem. drugs the honest pot dealer was beaten in the ally with their Billy clubs. 300 hundred trees I planted on my land each year my retirement was bought and paid for but they torture me out of my land and send me around the world to find a joint, they don’t just steal cars from the handi-cap or attack cancer patient. It was supposes to be so simple to get the person hooked to their drugs, or run them broke and call them crazy, while the 1% continue to sell out our freedom it’s time to let the truth be known, or these racist, gay cowards are going to continue to play god forcing all of us into slave labor, prison labor or you become their medical experiment. Hovers the head of the FBI was a blatant gay transvestite targeting his heterosexual opponent, all though they will tell you gays are just good at networking that’s why they can profit, although they will tell you they don’t know why hovers clothing design has hit the streets in such popularity (wearing you pants below your ass is prison body language to inform others you are ready to take it in the ass) it’s not by gross incompetence or negligence but by their design. It’s time to bring these gay lying cowards out of hiding for these scum insist if the women are not black, fat and manly enough to appease them you are just out of luck. Petite women may be mistaken for under 18, and they should not be allowed to give anyone any immoral thoughts as these Nazis target the heterosexual with impunity we wonder why our police is using so much force against the people it’s because its top down its no longer patrolling to insure safety of the community but they have become a arm of the 1 % and the states that are now penalized unless they keep their prisons at 90% (Westword 2014) end the war before they sell out what’s left of our freedom

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smokingspirit and

facebook @ smok Eingspirit 28 page on Google.
Msg:The American policing policys teaching the canadian british and world how to protect against terrorism, how to pull a car over and block a lane in order to cause an accident,
how to act tough and make enemys of their citizens and susspect everyone is really and excuse for these natzi gay cowards to secretly select the lowest scum to join then in there secret and silent genocide. where they can use classified weapons and baseless lies as they hide in the background playing god and acting with impunty
Msg:Why must the american be forced to condem god and his natural goodness declared in the american decleration of independence? Why must the christian give up the power over the plants and animals granted in the holy scriptures, to a for profit medical establishment whom swear to a roman god hipocraties? Why must they deny the best american worker a job when it was people like thomas edison and george washington who all did drugs facebook smok Eingspirit
Msg:The millatary needs to b brought into the states to bring these courropt cowards who have turned america the land of the free into the largest prison nation of the world…
It use to be in America unlucky at love lucky at money, but today the right wing, and the Muslim, the 1%, have decided to keep us from that sin. We need to restore the freedom, the self responsibility of the individual. We need to teach the Muslims that they don’t need to blow up buildings in order to get laid. But today the right wing, the Muslims are targeting the American men, flooding the cities with conservatives and Muslims while targeting the liberals and the so called subversives and since they control 90% of the wealth the fight is just not fare, it’s not how hard you work, it’s not if you play by the rules, they can use their hi-tech weapons and play god you are suppose to believe their business is just more successful. Or it’s just another Blackman talking to himself on the street corner, while the undesirable, the pot smokers business has to cut up valuable parts just to afford cigarettes, the European store can hire 75 employees. They are targeting the poor and the black in America, while the middle class is under attack; the poor have been under attack a long time. Proof? The drug war is fraudulent. The facts are over whelming, NPR, FRONTLINE, CBS 60 Minutes, and yet these Nazi operate with impunity, their weapons are forever kept classified, you either join them and a select group of gay cowards who like HOVER former head of the FBI, a blatant transvestite, who would spend time with the Iranian dancing boys targeting the American heterosexuals and his opponents with baseless lies that no agent dare risk a promotion to challenge. Fact; an American cannot make a building, an airplane or train safe for a smoker and non smoker to peacefully exist. While the people in Bombay India can simply put up a sign SMOKERS ONLY NON SMOKERS NOT ALLOWED- this American propaganda denies the basic natural, genetic, neurological, historical and religious rights of man, replaced with laws paid for and bought for by the medical monopoly that is working closely with the PETRO Chemical and plastics industry to seize our property rights, our freedom while these gay cowards claim only gays can prosper. The fight is just not fare until we stop the 1%, the medical monopoly and these gay cowards who want to monitor our bed rooms, monitor how we beat off, pass their marriage penalty tax and sabotage heterosexual relationships while feeding the prisons to create Muslims and gays. They are also going after other countries, and their leaders Bangkok is under attack Thaksin Shinawatra (a Muslim) his family is doing what the Muslims want to stop the immoral women from earning a living or doing what they enjoy, they want to muslimize the world and make it so the only way a male can get laid is to blow up buildings it’s time to expose the weapons the racist Nazi use. Man only sees and hears one billionth of true reality, thermal imaging, ultra violet, inferred gamma if you’re not filming at 500,000 frame a second you’re not see the real world if you’re not hearing in ultra low and high frequency sound you are not hearing the real world read more in the book ABOUT CHRISTIANS AND FREEDOM@AMAZON.COM smokingspirit or AN OPENING FOR THE read the blog wordpress facebook smok Eingspirit 28 page on Google. 3 videos on you Fwd:
Sent:Sun, Feb 08 15 10:58pm
Msg:Msg:A bible for the smoker* the god given power over the plants
and animals should not be given over to big pharm , the for profit
medical establish or their bounty hunters who can play god with
classified hi tec weapons denying us our constatutional rights, About
christians and
facebook smok Eingspirit
Sent:Tue, Dec 23 14 10:50pm
Msg:They will tell u its just black on black crime they will tell u its just a bunch of mexicans killng one another they will tell u the pot smokers just irresponsble then they dust ur bills with their posion and it burns like batterie acid its not how hard u work in america but how far u bend over 4 these gay cowards
Sent:Wed, Oct 29 14 2:47pm
Msg:Weather it was the dea atf fbi cia nsa fda irs secret service the coruption is stemedic the evidence the war is fraud is overwelming thomas edison didnt steal the light bulb , as they would have u belive that coke heads just steal the decleration of independence is written on weed from fuel 2 plastics the list is endless yet with their war they secure their petro chemical profit for the arabs and the 1% while being able to send 12 million dollars to yemen selling fake weed and using any phony morality to tarket the decedent american male
Msg:The 1% buy up all the property so the undesirables cant afford to live or own they demand slave labor prison labor or you are labled a crazy and become their medical experiment

Sent:Tue, Dec 02 14 7:17pm
Msg:Deny They deny me a car so i wont get to far, they deny me a job as they try to get me to rob, they deny me a wife and deny me a life they deny me a home and force me to roam they deny me the truth as they cause the abuse they twist the facts to justify their attacks they deny and lie.hide and try to deny my rights but i keep my sightes set on the light to expose the opprestion for all those they do oppose
as they try to deny them the rights of prosperity and liberty truth and justice

Why must I be forced to pay for or use a group of artisans who worship Apollo and swear to hypocrites? You want to drug test me to keep me from working, not because I am a good or bad worker but because I fail your fraudulent test. I don’t want your medical monopolies for profit cures. I honor lord Shiva who make the natural burnt offering, and recommends that you eat weed 3-or 4 times a day and smoke often , I honor the American Indian who sees the spirit in tobacco, the Blackfoot Indian grew only one plant and that was tobacco, that tobacco is what this country was founded on. I like a good Buddhist make the burnt offering at least twice, once in the morning once in the evening, what you burn is up to you. Why must I be bound by piss test or drug rehab ect. All waged against the American people by big Pharm who has bought and paid for laws using subverted and fraudulent science. They have no idea about the human brain, claims 80% of the brain is of no use, or that we only use 20% of our brain. Why then if watching little children play, they look like they are on drugs and as they get older something is depleted and this requires them to seek a replacement. The medical monopoly ignores the ancestral, genetic, neurological historical, and religious rights of man, demanding the American give up his property rights or report their neighbor if they are smoking or deny him a right to exist. You are so quick to condemn me for lighting a cigarette while you drink your diet soda, and eat your processed GMO food carry your cell phone and generally turn a blind eye to all your chemicals pollution from factories, cars and everything else but demand I give up my privacy and take your drug test not because I committed a crime but because the medical monopoly wants our freedom, denying us the blood of Christ . wine, the water of life whisky, and beer which has since ancient time been referred to as a witches brew, now carefully produced by holy monks. May modern man learn to thank a coke head next time they turn on a light bulb for it was a coke head like Thomas Edison who brought us out of the dark ages, may modern man learn to thank a pot head next time they celebrate the 4th of July or drive in their automobile for it was people like George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and Henry Ford all had something to do with weed, and may modern man learn to thank a cigarette smoker next time they enjoy their morning coffee and don’t have to report how many donuts or calories they ate that day for it was the cigarette smoker and drinker who won the American worker the smoke break, who won WWI and WW.II because everyone knows coffee is self medicating and chocolate is like weed.


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