what lie will they tell about you when they come after you with the crave?

4 Feb

40 years I haven’t had a need to own a car yet have driven more miles than a truck drive these sadistic Nazi come into my life start playing mind games on the old family members working to create hate. As a land lord and land owner I didn’t fit into their system and they decide to take me the Blackmans way because I dared to break their RED LINE Zone, renting to some decent upstanding blacks they moved on and I got the tenants from hell, sell your hopes and dreams your bought and paid for retirement they don’t just steal cars from the handi-cap they spend 12.9 million dollars teaching cheech and Chong about friendship in America and all they could get him for was selling glass art work out of state, these racist cowards make their baseless accusation, and no other agent dare risk a promotion to challenge their lie. They will tell you that gays are just good at networking, yet they are the only ones allowed to prosper, the middle class is under attack the poor has been under attack for a hell of a long time, they insist its not how hard you work or weather you play by the rules but how far you bend over for them , for it is the one percent who can control the crave and put anyone out on the street, and once you hit the street you are a criminal, who’s next and what will you do when they come after you with the crave?
Msg: These lying gay cowards used me to destroy decent pot smokers and small time pot dealers as they sabotaged me socially emotionally and financially they knew I was going to get married right out of college, I figured it was just bad luck while these gay Nazi hide in the back ground drugging conditioning and programming so they can get their rocks off, I’m smelling dog shit talking to a girl @ work and she’s smelling playdo one chick who show an interest in me but used cigarette buds smell better the lesbians in training can afford to take the bus while the heterosexuals are forced to walk, I couldn’t afford to free a girl from a repressive lesbian relationship, but once one of these Nazi make their baseless accusation they are free to use any and all means to convert
Msg: Deny They deny me a car so I won’t get to far, they deny me a job as they try to get me to rob, they deny me a wife and deny me a life they deny me a home and force me to roam they deny me the truth as they cause the abuse they twist the facts to justify their attacks they deny and lie. Hide and try to deny my rights but I keep my sights set on the light to expose the oppression for all those they do oppose
as they try to deny them the rights of prosperity and liberty truth and justice
Msg: The states are penalized for not keeping the jails full*westword dec.2014 the prosecutors can lie and withhold facts while the prisons turn out gays and Muslims its time to realize why they keep cutting back on education, man only sees and hears one billionth of true reality and with technology the 1% can play god, gutting our cities with their drug war flooding our economy with cheap imports from slave labor, while they seek vendettas against the old and sick read more


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