21 Dec

The set up
It all started when they couldn’t get the father they decide to go after the sons, working in the travel industry in the 1970s all ready possibly labeled by the DEA, Fbi, and CIA and one must recognize the time period and the zero tolerance they had and encouraged to have against these people,(fear and loathing in Las Vegas referred to it as a genocide) they were allowed to steal anything from the drug user/criminal they were not only allowed to steal anything from drug users but encouraged with a huge financial boom for those and there informants, who could all prosper immensely from any baseless accusation or lie, this atmosphere is and was not only tolerated but encouraged from the top down, they could make their baseless accusation (the pot smokers a criminal) and spend 12.9 million dollars getting drunk and stoned at tax payer expense while they, drugged ,conditioned trained and used these people at their will, playing god as it were;(from rags to riches movie)the use of high technology weapons ,sound technology, temperature control, laser, needless air powered injectors , aerosols, or whether it be your personal home computer they might target, or financial or identity theft ,even the drugs they push on the street, I was amazed as a experienced traveler who during the Reagan years saw all the pot on the streets dry up in numerous cities replaced with their crack and pharmaceutical drugs; who made the meth recipe(retired Dow scientist)(dow and dupont, along with the Hearst were instrumental in buying the laws needed to wage the drug war)this profit boom allows a select few to play god while the rest are criminalized for the natural or forced to pay endlessly for the medical monopolies in competence, While they were shutting down smoke shops and boutiques in the 70s I was boasting about making bong cases for the traveler, knowing that I was a traveler and a smoker as long as I was under investigation they could travel first class while (disrupting the criminal element), they could also target any traveler this way, when I wanted to start a computer program to help our customers they didn’t want to hand that information over to a pot smoker, other financial means of sabotage, 9-11 and the changing industry forced the closure of the luggage company, I becoming a land lord who was not going to enforce the medical monopolies bought and paid for laws had suddenly become their number one enemy, while any night of the week 10-12 people on the streets pushing their drugs the honest pot dealer was beaten in the ally with their Billy clubs. 300 hundred trees I planted on my land each year my retirement was bought and paid for but they torture me out of my land and send me around the world to find a joint, they don’t just steal cars from the handi-cap or attack cancer patient. It was supposes to be so simple to get the person hooked to their drugs, or run them broke and call them crazy, while the 1% continue to sell out our freedom its time to let the truth be known, or these racist, gay cowards are going to continue to play god forcing all of us into slave labor, prison labor or you become their medical experiment. Hovers the head of the FBI was a blatant gay transvestite targeting his heterosexual opponent , all though they will tell you gays are just good at networking that’s why they can profit, although they will tell you they don’t know why hovers clothing design has hit the streets in such popularity (wearing you pants below your ass is prison talk to inform others you are ready to take it in the ass) it’s not by gross incompetence or negligence but by their design. It’s time to bring these gay lying cowards out of hiding for these scum insist if the women are not black fat and manly enough to appease them you are just out of luck petite women may be mistaken for under 18, and they should not be allowed to give anyone any immoral thoughts as these Nazis target the heterosexual with impunity we wonder why our police is using so much force against the people its because its top down its no longer patrolling to insure safety of the community but they have become a arm of the 1 % and states are now penalized unless they keep their prisons at 90% (Westword 2014) end the war before they sell out what’s left of our freedom


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