Make the Facebook page reflect your case

29 Sep

Make the Facebook page reflect your case
• Kirby- tortured libertarian candidate Governor of California sought refugee status in Canada they sent him back held him till he pissed blood
• San Diego U, student- attended 420 party they attempted to kill him then apologized that he was a punk ass stoner and they normally wait UNTIL AFTER A CONVICTION
• Green party candidate- first on the no fly list 1998-99 was going to talk about alternative fuels denied the right to travel with no explanation
• Dow- DuPont petro chemicals- first to demand they expand the drug war on weed
• S. California black preacher- claiming Oliver North and Cia had eliminating all the weed on the streets and bringing in their drugs with their guns from Iran contra trials
• Detroit police boast- now that the city’s declared bankruptcy they can destroy another 20 houses with no bureaucracy
• President Fox of Mexico- was about to legalize small amounts of drugs Corrupt outside forces him convinced him otherwise then the new president calling himself Jesus let the gangs free killing over 30,000 people 100,000 displaced
• NY Police shooting- guy shot 25 times at his wedding ,guy shot 50 times at his apartment entrance by a gang of cowards not wearing uniforms as he reach for his wallet to show him his id
• Florida- undercovers operate with impunity selling their fake drugs and making millions as they convince people that they can make a few extra dollars in their hard times 100s of thousands of small time Deloreans
• Las Vegas – Fear and loathing in las Vegas by Hunter S. Thompson
• Missouri -Life in prison for a small amount of weed
• Arkansas- 5 years for a joint- that’s five years of their group showers and cavity searches – the Muslim can afford to send 12 million dollars to support the fighters in Yemen because of the drug war they can sell legal fake weed, bath salts etc. because it’s nearly impossible to get a good joint
• Kentucky- use to be a good quality pot producing state now it is the largest per capital consumer of pharmaceutical drugs
• Georgia -busting into a 80 year old lady’s house and shooting her for traces of weed
• A Medical patient-form California wonders into Texas and now facing 25 years to life because he brought his meds with him for weed/hash possession
• Spraying paraquat- on weed knowing it did nothing but give the smoker cancer
We Must recognize the true cost of this war they wage against us because we/You refuse to have tolerance and allow the different person to prosper instead of allowing the person to do what he wants we demand NO-TOLERENCE and all people are forced to give up their property rights but we can’t restrict the tobacco industry from putting chemicals in our tobacco- no we allow the state to keep claiming they are victims as they target our Thomas Edison’s whom you are to believe must of stole the light bulb, isn’t that what all illegal drug users do? No we have to persecute our Thomas Jefferson, or George Washington and Henry Fords all of them had something to do with weed- when we could be smoking oranges and vitamin C in our cigarettes they tell us there is no such thing as a safe cigarettes- the drug war is so a select group of people can play God and high roller- although they can’t even tell a geese’s brain we as free Americans have to give up our freedom so the NSA-DEA-CIA- FBI- can spy on us- its time to expose their war is fraud- “the American Medical establishment would not be what it is today if it wasn’t for the Arabs/OIL industry working closely with them”- they control the crave-I’m sure most people can remember hearing some horror story regarding the drug war and each time you are to believe its just one bad apple, just an innocent mistake when really its top down protocol and this war needs to be stop- the will of the people must be respected – because their technology and mandatory health care it won’t be long before they force all Americans to wear bracelets – because Rodriguez proves their test are fraud and the only way to insure that your child/or the citizen isn’t smoking drinking or even thinking impure thoughts is to mandate a bracelet for all, it will only be the drug user who protest then the information can automatically be sent to the NSA- DEA and your doctor- Help keep the world free stop the medical monopoly its not too late to change our fate and stop these snakes before they turn this world into another anti-drinking Anti-smoking state


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