May the torch of freedom and its smoke burn bright into the next generation

2 Sep

They can’t even tell a geese’s brain, they can’t even make a pain meter or cure the common cold an yet as free Americans we must give up our freedom while these gods in white coats make us pay endlessly for their incompetence and the big pharmaceutical companies profits, not cures otherwise they will send their corrupt prosecutors after you who have complete immunity for lying/withholding evidence while they eliminate their opponent or the undesirable Berkeley subversives. The drug war is fraud. The drug war is for a select group of people to play god and high Roller while the rest of us are criminalized for the natural God given plants. From their nicotine patch to their Parkinson’s drug they control the crave they don’t just lie about their fen fen and viox drugs and they don’t just make designer drugs for the jocks. If we don’t stop these dictators who tell us regardless of all the science and technology that an American can’t make a building safe for a smoker and non-smoker to peacefully coexist, or that a person from Missouri or Texas is genetically different than a person from Colorado or California so they need to pay these back stabbing cowards $50,000.00 a year to target the smoker while they are free to push their garbage and chemicals on the streets with impunity then God help America. May the torch of freedom and its smoke burn bright into the next generation and may the Christian not be forced to condemn god and his creations or the power that God has granted all men over the plants and animals


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