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Personal résumé c/v of Reverend Smoking Spirit –

25 Jul

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Personal résumé c/v of Reverend Smoking Spirit
Alter boy St. Rock’s church ——————-1969———Ordained by God in the pine woods ——-1972—–Ordained minister Universal Life Church Modesto California———————-7-17-2001- Spent a week at a Buddhist temple Thailand walked the red carpet of Buddha——————————— 1994—-Studied Shinto religion Haranomachi Japan and Sendai Japan- 1995-Tibetan Buddhist saw the Dalai Lama ——————–2000–&–2012- Associate of Divinity Universal Life Church—————- 7-26-2002- Theosophy White House retreat Jesuit Community ————8-11-2002 Studied at the Vatican Italy one day —————————2004———Partaked in the passion of Christ Jerusalem Israel ————2005——–Worked at a Hindu temple————————————– 2007 ———-Studied Hindu, Tibetan -Kathmandu Hanijman Dhoka Durbar, lalitpursub metro city 2008 Personal studies :Shivaratri ,Lakshmi, Ganesha, Inca, Mayan, Anabaptist, khlysty, transcendental meditation, Coptic, wiccan, pagan, England Stonehenge, Fatima 1986 orthodox Christian, visited numerous German and Italian churches Islam, Buddhist Osho and the Jane religion-Traveled 32 different countries. Community service, started earth quake relief fund for Kobe Japan, earth day volunteer, kdhx TV, radio ran for political office 2004,2006,2008 approximately 11% , 2% , 6% All things are possible under God as long as the moral of Christ life, Christ story in one word Raines supreme. May the peace of the lord be with us all.

BOOK OF Prayers

Copyrighted 4-15-05 Smoking spirit

Our Father

Our father who is in heaven holy be his name, His kingdom will come his will was done, is done and shall be done (may man learn to accept Gods in peace) will on earth as it is in heaven. Thank you for this day, this moment, these distractions, these blessings, this challenge our daily bread. And forgive us our trespasses, our sins our failures, our successes known and unknown. As we shall forgive those you trespass and sin against us. Lead us not into evil but grant us freedom, peace and prayers in our day. May the kingdom and the power and the glory of God be with us all. Now and forever.


The kingdom

May the kingdom, the power and the glory of God be with us all now and forever.

The kingdom will be for all, through their actions their prayers their thoughts and their deeds.

The power, of the Holy Spirit. That gateway is entitled to all. The power over the plants and animals is granted in the first page of the bible. Not over other people; what’s between god and man let no man put us under

The Glory of God. Glory is to serve. Love all serve all. Whether you like them agree with them or not. As long as the moral of Christ the moral his life is followed then all things are possible under god.

Burnt Offering

Ashes to ashes dust to dust this burnt offering is a must. As the angel came down from heaven carrying a pipe and a horn in a cloud of smoke may this burnt offering be a welcoming matt for the angel. May the burnt offering of St. Anthony be respected, may the first page of the bible, the power of the plants and animals be honored.
May Siva, Dionysus and Barracus stand equal with those who worship Apollo and swear to hypocrisies and make their hypocritical oath and dare try to dictate to us how it should be In the name of the father son Holy Spirit.


All written by
From the books
by smoking spirit
By smokingspirit123

Serve God

I serve the lord God first Christ is king, may the moral of Christ life, the moral of Christ story rein supreme and the devils details put back in their place. For one who violates the moral of peace can not claim to be Christian.

May the peace of the lord god be with us all.


Though I walk through the valley of evil I shall fear no death the lord is my Shepard I shall not want.

May man not cry over what is inevitable, for no one gets out of life alive.

Thank You lord for this day
Thank you lord for showing me the way
Thank you lord for those day of persecution and oppression
Thank you lord for those ways, have only strengthen my resolve refined and defined me. Thank you lord for tomorrow
Thank you lord for ending all the useless sorrow.

God bless America

God bless America land of the free, may the American declaration of independence written on weed(hemp paper) and Gods nature and his natural goodness there in declared be respected and the Christian not be forced to condemn god and his creations or give up the power that god has granted to all men in the power over the plants and animals, help modern man to see the goodness that God meant to be. God bless the entire world not just those you agree with or like, we need not fight. The universal God created it all for our delight. The universal God to big to fit into one religion that was Christ mission.

The holly spirit

In the name of the father, son, and Holy Spirit accept this and all natural ancestral, genetic, neurological, historical and religious burnt offerings. As the cigar is given at birth to symbolize life so to is the cigarette to symbolize the moment, for our enjoyment. May the universal God accept this and all natural burnt offerings keep it free from their parquet and chemicals, may our thoughts and spirit follow the Holy smoke to Gods Gateway.


May the universal god accept this burnt offering as I move my grains of sand throughout the day for everything we touch will one day turn to sand may God accept the burnt offering of Saint Anthony, Saint Nicolas, lord Shiva, and Buddha I pray without rituals with eyes open as the Christian bible commands, I preach to the birds, the bees, the dogs, and the bugs, as St. Frances did, I pray to my Jewish wall for the universal god is not limited to one wall equanimity to all for all things are possible under God as long as the moral of Christ life Christ story in one word rains supreme may the peace of the lord be with us all


Thank you

Thank you lord for this plant that you grant.
For the power is for all,
A gateway to shower us with laughter.
After all it� only a weed that turns to a flower in your mind. Let us rejoice and be kind.
Give up the electronic drug and enjoy a hug.
Do not complain or find shame in how God made us. To become creative, nature can help save us. The electronic drug will tell us what to think.
Their latest product you can live without it.
He will sit in his room and become brain dead as he is electronically fed.
Deny nature and the goodness of god?
Not while I am still alive.


Heavens Guard

Heaven Guard he claims, to keep us from these shames.
What gives him the right to put up a fight?
Heavens Guard he claims, his god is too weak so he must keep us from what we seek.
Heavens Guard he claims, his god is powerless so he must do acts of violence.
He denies the moral of Christ to show us what he claims is right.
Heavens Guard he claims to save us for the next life. May the lord God save us from those guards who wish to deny us all the goodness god has to offer.


Holy smoke
Holy smoke Holy smoke holy smoke father son holy ghost help us keep this peaceful toke, holy smoke holy smoke father son holy ghost lord Shiva Buddha St. Anthony come laugh with me help the world see the goodness of god and gods nature that is meant to be

About the book

The book of prayer was written to stop the oppression. For the goodness of God is peace, but those you pray for the rapture, those who pray for more evil and sorrow in the world will get what they pray for. But God is a good God how much worse must he make it. For only when man accepts God, his moral made so simple that all can understand it, in one word peace. Only then shall God walk among us. The Christian church rocked by sex scandal is a direct by product of their Gay moral which finds shame in what God created and denies the good natural human Relationship. Their hatred ageist Islam, Christ parents, tribes, and the freedom of the people That God has granted, has brought many sorrow as defined in Ezekiel. How many more sorrows must be brought until man opens his eyes and follows his hart.


Exposing the standard practice of the undercover Nazi coward

10 Jul

I believed their lies and propaganda just shut down the liquor stores in the bad neighborhoods and you won’t have these undesirables hanging around out front, when really shut down the liquor stores in the bad neighborhoods and when these Nazi come after you with the crave, you will be forced to do the chemicals or drugs that the pharmaceutical companies are pushing that year- these Nazi come into your life boasting about the money to be made and always a great source of good high quality drugs, at first. They are free to push their drugs and trash with impunity and build up whoever is a good stooge for them. “ill sell you a ounce for $80.00 a quarter for $60.00 and a quarter pound for $120.00, when you ask just for the quarter you quickly see in their body language, that gives them away, I’ll take the quarter this week but maybe next week ill take the pound, I figured if these cowards were going to fuck with me it would be my honor to follow the laws play by the rules, I learned you might get lucky once or twice to make it home, as long as they can profit, or you give good head, I soon realized they don’t just steal cars from the handicap or attack cancer patient for nothing they are major sponsors of their anti drug programs- the drug war is for a select group to play high roller and god while the average person is forced to pay endlessly for the medical monopolies incompetence or be criminalized. They couldn’t send 13 million dollars to Yemen selling fake weed, their trash and chemicals in Arkansas without their drug war, they get to make $250.00 form one pack of cigarettes in hovers holiday hotel, and once they label you no agent dare risk a promotion to challenge their lie, you are forever guilty, no amount of truth can disprove their lie, they are not paid to write nice reports on criminals and the smoker the heterosexual are forever a criminal. They don’t just sabotage marriages in Richmond California, and hovers holiday hotel with their group showers and cavity searches are not built by gross incompetence or negligence but by design. They target the decedent American male while they have their Iranian dancing boys and LBG youth outreach, you couldn’t have a heterosexual youth outreach. They are masters at creating hate, anger, jealousy and violence, I am and have always been a celebrate preacher and ordained minister I just refuse to join them in their hatred of god and his creations and since their weapons are forever classified and their war is just too important so you are just suppose to believe it’s just another crazy black man talking to himself on the street corner, pink Floyd another crazy said it best “if we catch you in the backseat trying to pick her up we will send you home back to mother in a cardboard box.” Since man only sees and hears 1billionth of true reality then the only way to get free is to go international, start an investigation internationally, because the corruption is top down protocol and the rest of the world needs to know what they are doing. Help keep the world free stop the medical monopoly its not to late to change our fate and stop these snakes before they turn this world into another anti drinking anti smoking state. What better way to start an investigation than to shock them with the first page of the Christian bible God saw what he made and it was good; you don’t like what god created rot in hell. Show me your bible or show me your science, read more in the book ABOUT CHRISTIANS AND