Cut back on education?

23 Jun

Man only sees and hears only one billionth of the true world, if he’s not seeing things in ultraviolet, inferred, gamma, thermo imaging, if he’s not filming at 1,000,000 frames a second he’s not seeing the real world – sound technology is classified information, if he’s not listening at super low or high frequency he’s not hearing the real world. The drug war is for a select group of people so they can play god while the rest of the world is forced to pay endlessly for the medical monopolies incompetence or be criminalized for using the power over the plants and animals god has granted all people in the first page of the holy scriptures- the hand is quicker than the eye and the machines is a hell of a lot quicker than the hand- a few David Copperfield and Chris Angle magic tricks and a little high technology mixed with medical monopoly tricks and anyone can play god and criminalize their enemy. We have seen they don’t just try to kill the San Diego student who attends a 420 party they don’t just spray paraquat on the weed knowing it does nothing but give the smoker cancer and they don’t just steal cars from the handicap for weed, they are carrying out a genocide while they feed the gangs endless amounts of money- but cut back on education its easier to dominate over an ignorant population and you can be assured its just another crazy black man talking to himself on the street corner, you can be assured it’s just another week willed individual who need to be converted to the right wing agenda after all the only thing different from the “Taliban and the right wing is ones a cult” and once the Muslim plays the moral card the Christians always suppose to loose- what will you do when they come after you with the crave? Science fiction or science fact are you willing to condemn the first page of the Christian bible the power over the plants and animals god has granted ,condemn the American declaration of independence “gods nature and his natural goodness entitled to all men because these gay Nazi want to claim we are criminals and they are not paid to write nice reports on smoker, they are paid to disrupt the criminal element that’s anyone who won’t bend over for them—read more in the book


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