The truth behind Americas racist drug war

20 Feb

The truth behind Americas racist drug war
(And what they plan on doing to you when they come after you with the crave)

They gut our cities with their crime and violence, claiming to be exempt from the ten commandments- ripping the people off endlessly as they act as if they are in a vacuum , when they rip off one person it starts a chain reaction, creating more and more crime on the streets, although they can’t even keep drugs, cell phones or crime out of their prisons we are supposed to have to pay these cowards $50,000.00 dollars a year so they can rip off the people, under the pretext of helping them out when really they just want to sit around getting drunk and stoned at tax payers expense playing high roller and spending 12.9 million dollars targeting people like Cheech and Chong, and all they could get them for was selling glass art work out of state. They claim the blacks just don’t want to work, they claim the pot smoker is just irresponsible and doesn’t want to pay his bills when really they hide in the back ground sabotaging the smoker , dusting his bills with their poison as it burns like battery acid or keeping him up all night or putting him to sleep as he tries to work- red bull will give you 5 hours of energy the first time you use it, the second time it will almost put you to sleep, but their needless air powered injectors advertised in the medical journals in the 1990s are classified It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out why America has the highest addiction rate in the world. And when it cost their victim $400.00 to test a product if they suspect something, but since they make the test they make the machines that make the test you have to know what you’re looking for you are just labeled another crazy hypochondriac. They will sabotage your relationships as they have sabotaged marriages in California, socially emotionally, financially and electronically. Let’s look at the history of the drug war ; the right wing claim the only difference between them and the Muslim is one is a cult, it’s not hard to see the true objective of these Nazi, when the oil industry and the Arabs were well intertwined with the right wing southerners they created the Mississippi sovereignty commission, to keep the out spoken black in his place. When the Supreme Court outlawed desegregation the south need to do something to silence the radical black liberal. The Mississippi sovereignty commission was their answer backed by the FBI, Hover and his gay Nazi they were indirectly supporting the KKK but when the voting rights act of 1965 passed this technically ended the sovereignty commission but it soon morphed into the DEA, with new drug laws spewing out of congress in the 1960s what better way to appease the south than to have a drug war?, and what suit wouldn’t turn a blind eye to the out spoken black or long haired hippie ? what better way to eliminate the undesirable than to have a drug war, it was suppose to be so simple to get someone hooked to their drugs give them an undetectable pain if he has money he is forced to pay endlessly for the medical monopolies incompetence until he is run broke and forced to do their drugs they push on the street. By the 1960s, the two agencies charged with drug law enforcement were the Bureau of Drug Abuse Control (BDAC) and the federal Bureau of Narcotics (FBN). It was during this period that America underwent a significant change. The introduction of drugs into American culture , drug use started to take a terrible toll on the nation. Nevertheless, American children could still walk to school in relative safety, worrying only about report cards or the neighborhood bully. Today however, as children approach their schools, they see barbed wire, metal detectors, and signs warning drug dealers that school property is a “drug free zone.” In too many communities, drug dealers and gunfire force decent, law-abiding citizens to seek refuge behind locked doors. Their laws have done nothing but increase crime and violence and allowed a select few to play god and push their drugs with impunity- the crack epidemic of the late 1990 hit the streets as all the weed dried up and nothing could be found but their crack reportedly because of the Iran contra dealings the connection with the Muslim, the corrupt FBI in New England selling drugs and supporting to the mafia, they use their propaganda to tell you these drug users or smokers are just weak willed, they just don’t want to work, they claim weed is just a gateway drug as they destroy the goodness of the plant creating the crave. The medical monopoly would not be what it is today without the oil industry and they get paid 1,000.00 per day for any relapse, but then you are to believe the Muslims just like being close to the immoral American movie stars – isn’t that what happens to all immoral people they end up getting hooked to their drugs and their life spirals out of control when really they are just trying to seek relief from a poison the new drug czar and his Nazi gave him they stay on the person ripping him off endlessly screwing him over relentlessly until they can get him into hovers holiday hotel. Its time to expose the true objective of these gay raciest cowards, before they come after another defenseless American or steal another car from a handicap. We need to restore the God given right that is granted in the first page of the Christian bible “the power over the plants and animals”, and guaranteed in the American constitution “God and his natural goodness”. Read more in the book ABOUT CHRISTIANS AND


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