Technology and morality

20 Feb

Technology and morality

Technology and the idea of morality are they in line with the future? Or will man give up his freedom for some immoral ancient misinterpretation of the scriptures? Technology can do wonderful things but it can also be used as a weapon. The soul catcher is a computer that can read all of your intimate thoughts are you ready. Right now man and computer is very intertwined, but this is just the start, what happens when man starts living more in the simulated world? 3D TVs, whole room TVs, implanted internet, and holograms these are just the beginning. We know technology was created by man, man is flawed, and his creations are also flawed and can be easily hacked as we have seen in the past. But how many peoples life’s and careers will be destroyed as our privacy is lost, whether it’s a thought, action, or a set up from a hack using technology and a claim of moral superiority by a select few to destroy a few. Will wives throw their husbands out for having sex with a robot? Or will someone be able to black mail him for it? Or what about a hologram, synthetically or electronically what if your thoughts can materialize? would that still be a sin that is condemnable to be burnt at the stake? Or will man grow up and accept woody Allen’s vision of the world in the movie sleeper where the person enters a machine and it reads his/hers wildest thoughts and fantasy’s and is so in tuned with the human mind that it grants them an ultimate reality if only being electronically, or are we going to give up our freedom start a witch hunt destroying peoples lives letting some right wing Muslim or religious organization monitor and pass judgment on our thoughts? With the google chip implanted on the children’s brains isn’t this the best way to keep your children free from sin, to make sure they are not thinking any immoral thoughts. What good parent wouldn’t want to make sure their child is morally thinking clearly and free from sin? Sin, least we forget what a mortal sin is , someone who honors god on the Sabbath in a church that has been excommunicated for financial reasons or some gay conquistador’s or imam immoral interpretation of the scriptures. Who will decide what will be a sin? Is it up to us or a select group to decide for us? Are we going to honor our forefather, honor our parents and see that the rainforest Indian tribe that survived the witch hunts survived to show us a way into the future, not to be condemned but to ask for more, more Adams and Eves more Ruth’s more king David’s wives more good Samarians more Josephs and Mary’s for God saw what he made and it was good and all things are possible under God as long as the moral of Christ life in one word rains supreme – may the peace of the lord be with us all now and in the future. Read more in the book An Opening for the


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