Your tax dollars

22 Jan

Your tax dollars Lets look at your tax dollars at work- while the Swiss pay their citizens $1,500.00 a month for being Swiss- Alaska only pays its citizens $ 400.00 a year- everyone knows advertising works and although their violence is acceptable in all its forms, the goodness of god, peace and love is demonized- look at Egypt and all the x-billions of dollars spent on that county, now the Muslim brother hood (which was created by England and the US )to bring unity to them, are carrying out alcida style attacks – alcida Created by the US to fight a proxy war in Afghanistan against the Russians now fighting against the Americans, and with the x-billion dollars spent on Pakistan which is dominated by right wing Muslim extremist (millions spent printing the koran in Nebraska for them) and in Thailand Thaksin Shinawatra backed by the US brought a drug war to their county killing over 1,500 people and is now tearing it apart, no longer many problems from the south armed groups of Muslim extremist infiltrating the country but just now to create divided amongst the people so the gays can wage economic warfare and stop the immoral girls from profiting, Thaksin Shinawatra was finally forced to seek refugee status is Saudi Arabia, proving they were backing him the whole time. Since the 1916 the oil industry has had unprecedented exemptions and subsidies (welfare for the rich) while the Muslims convert the richest 1% even the prince of England now converted to Muslim. while are schools are filled with violence and shootings you know they are graduates of their zero tolerance program – you have zero tolerance for me ill have zero tolerance for you and that will get us no where. we need to insure that our tax dollars and our big business within the boarders are supporting the ideas of America, freedom-liberty-truth and justice and equality, instead of big business fighting against the little mans property rights, because the tobacco companies cant take the poisons out of our cigarettes or protecting us from emanate domain the middle class is under attack , the poor’s been under attack a long time. While the CEOs make $ 4,000.00 an hour and the super rich like Goldman Sachs, the Walton and many others super rich avoid paying any tax at all, they demand we drug test all American employees don’t worry about the Chinese or imports from slave labor or drug testing any of them, no need for them to follow any environmental laws, no we have been giving the big corporations tax breaks while our government over regulates our small business using voodoo economics to bring in the cheep imports while eliminating the competition the American small business. targeting the 99% the 1% effort to use fraudulent science, propaganda, lobbing and buying votes to spend endlessly criminalizing our citizens spending 12.9 million dollars targeting Cheech and Chong and all they could get him for was selling glass art work out of state, another American small business bites the dust- they carry out their drug war as a genocide spending $ 30,000.00 a year plus on prisoners while making a billion off of collect phone calls from them another billion off uniforms, another from construction, they tell you its just black on black crimes- they tell you they cant do anything about all the crime and violence except more jails more police while they refuse to look at the root causes. The extreme poverty and depravation of our citizens while people on the streets have to fight over cigarette buds the rich enjoy their $ 1,000.00 lunches, while it only took one person working back in the 1950s today two people working cant even afford anything. Its time we restore the land of the free not the land with the largest jail population restructure the taxes to help the people, to serve and protect not persecute and oppress read more in the book about Christian and freedom @ Posted by smokingspirit at 5:25 PM No comments:
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The network science fiction or science fact – The network is a group of people who have infiltrated all aspects of the government, selling out our personal liberty’s and civil rights using baseless and fraudulent science from some of the FDA, FBI,CIA and NSA are working to attack the middle class and small business. While any highly questionable study can win FDA approval, weed- marijuana that the American deceleration of independence was written on is criminalized classified as dangerous as heroin, backed by the oil industry the (some Arabs, talibomb Muslim and gays) they have recently turned the land of the freed into the one having the largest jail and criminal population in the world. Forcing us to give up out property rights our individual rights because the medical establishment has been able to create an unquestionable world monopoly. A monopoly that for profit has even patented the human genes, as they work to create a anti-drinking- anti -smoking world, selling out our MORTAL rights and what it means to be human. This medical establishment who owes its very existence to the oil industry uses fraudulent science outright lies and propaganda. They have been able to criminalize our modern day Thomas Edison’s, a coke head, Sigmund Freud, ship builders, industrialist, musicians and artists- they have been able to change America, gutting our industrial base- it’s not about everyone having an equal opportunity it’s about the 1 % ceasing control. God is the grate enabler, they profit only by denying us God and his natural goodness. They ignore a billion dollar paper industry, clothing industry, building industry and plastic industry from hemp, Henry Ford knew he could make plastics far superior and more environmentally sound from marijuana, he knew we could have fuel for $098.cents a gallon from weed and that MONEY would stay local but the oil industry has been able to buy tax subsidies and votes to criminalize our modern day Thomas Jeffersons, George Washingtons and many of our forefathers. Bails of hemp –weed moved up and down the Mississippi river100 years ago, for it took drugs and courage to settle the old west and anyone would a fool to believe the future would be any difference the only difference is are we going to continue to let a small group of select gods in white coats and their bounty hunter, (who just don’t make designer steroids for the jocks, but they control the crave,) not just with their nicotine patch, they want to control our thoughts with their endorphin studies and experiments using drugs and mind control for their profit, they continue to sell out our freedom and liberty – making the mass pay endlessly for the medical monopolies incompetence while denying the Americans the God given right to the power over the plants and animals. Science fiction or science fact you decide read more in the book ABOUT CHRISTIANS AND FREEDOM@ Posted by smokingspirit at 5:25 PM No comments:
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Warning the following statements are for comedy purposes only ! if you don’t find them funny smoke a joint and try again, if you still don’t think it’s funny print it out and stick that in your pipe and smoke it , then you will have wished it was made from hemp. • Even the Gays should be able to agree with some of this, stop demonizing Adam and Eve, the heterosexual demands equal rights anyone who claims they are gay can seek refugee status in Europe but the heterosexual is attacked socially, emotionally and financially in America and he can never declare refugee status anywhere or profit. • The people who fought in the Korea war didn’t know how well they really had it, if they were captured they would at least get sex once a month, we need to guarantee this right to all Americans, before the Muslim take over and try to tell you the only way to get laid is to blow up buildings. • Desegregate the prisons with over 200,000 gay rapes we need to give these people what they want; surely the state could afford to hire some prostitutes for these men at $30,000.00 a year • Desegregate the gym locker rooms and bathrooms let the men see the other beauty that has God created • Get the government out of our bedrooms and body’s, out of our internet and phone conversations its time the state grow up and quit playing victim all the time • A marriage is a contract between two people the government should have no say unless that contract is broken • A person should learn by the age of 12 how to say no- education is the best prevention to abuse – it doesn’t take years to get to a phone.-make sure we all have access to cheap, free or safe hostels with no questions asked, for the homeless ,the traveler or abused wife or child • Sexting, texting or sexercising anything to insure that heaven and nature sings • They stack the population against the heterosexual – filling the population with Muslims when what we need is more single Thai, Pilipino and Chinese women • Its well documented Hover was a blatant transvestite according to Wired magazine they tortured the gays back in the 1950-60s Edgewood the Dachau for the gays- Hover was not just going after the criminal but the heterosexual and since none of those doctors have ever been brought to justice do they operate in hiding today? • Stop criminalizing public nudity and camping we need more steekers, if they pay for a parking meter weather a car or not they should be allowed to park camp or Loitering nude or not • Let’s look at Christmas- we honor Mary a girl of 14 and Joseph a man of 40 (normal for the Romans at that time)whose intention was to have sex with her, and of course god didn’t understand the importance of marriage she gets pregnant before the marriage, their god just wanted to put them though an almost stonable offence • We kiss under the mistletoe because mistletoe will create a miscarriage and that way nobody will know • Frosty the snow man, the chick wants to get laid can’t find a preacher to marry them so they make a snow man who can do the job just as well Read more in the Books ABOUT CHRISTIANS AND FREEDOM @


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