muslim take over of america

4 Oct


The Muslims takeover of America


           The Muslims takeover of America goes way back the Muslims created the number system (1+1) that we use today, to assume that they are just a bunch of rag heads is to under estimate them. The Muslims Brother Hood was created by England and the US. The Prince of Wales lugging around a prayer mat is Muslim, Rockefeller’s oil industry and Muslims style house and garden are they the only things? The Taliban (Talibomb, they blow themselves up to get laid) was created by the US to fight against the Russians, the Korans they use to justify their terror was printed in Nebraska. No one was able to tell that the fort hood Doctor was some right wing Fanatical as he did his counseling – the Muslims today use Jesus Christ name claiming he did not die for your sins we must Repent Stick your ass in the air. American veterans make up ¼ of the homeless population they are denied the natural plant and fed pharmaceutical drugs in an alarming epidemic that exceeds any logic. They are forced to take contaminated vaccines or face court martial. The world Health organization has no US representation on Its governing Executive Board, but then even if they did in the US will claim that the cigarettes left at the nuclear plant in fukushima are no safer than the ones you buy at the store (no such thing as a safe cigarettes) therefore all Americans have to give up their property rights because all the $ all the science and technology can never make a building safe for a smoker and non-smoker to peacefully coexist. It was Hover who taught the Iranians how to have their secret police to pass judgment on the people. The Iran contra (crack and weapons for rebels and the poor) during the Regan Administration. Today the moral assault against the American male denying him the Mary Magdalene, Ruth’s-King David’s wife and the Good Samaritans are now out of reach unless you can afford the $5,000.00 a night the Governor of New York has to pay- but then they stone the Good Samaritans far worse today with their drugs and drug war than any time in the past. They will turn a blind eye to the Afghanistan wife, the Saudi harem, the Iranian dancing boys but are quick to get the government to monitor the Americans in their bedroom and computer, even a marriage tax, we see the lack of trials when they claim it’s just Al-Qaeda but no judge or jury ever needed, when Hover men come after you no one dare challenge their lie and risk a promotion. They are not paid to right nice reports on smokers they are paid to disrupt the criminal element, the criminal forever being the smoker And as the oil industry makes one million dollars a minute, Hemp fuel- fuel from weed for $0.98 is denied (world book encyclopedia 1969 edition “when oil reaches $ 45.00 a barrel bio fuels will become economical”) now over $ 100.00 a barrel same story. Their attack against our freedom Is even extended to the American wild horses- the wild Mustang that beat their thoroughbred horses even in the face of traps sabotage during the great horse race of the 1920s- now we can’t even have wild horses because homeland security and the horses setting off secret alarms in the desert science fiction or science fact? Why is the Christian forced to condemn God and his nature? Why is he told Repent, Christ didn’t die for your sins? The parking fee has been paid its time to celebrate “God saw what he made and it was good” Christ died for your sins with one condition follow Christ the moral in one word PEACE and May that PEACE of the lord Jesus Christ be with us all. Read more in the book ABOUT CHRISTIANS AND FREEDOM @





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