Ask yourself

17 Jun

Ask yourself why the oil industry can make a million dollars a minute selling Americans fuel that pollutes our air and water, while taking that money out of this country to support their madrassas? ; when we could have fuel for 0.98 cents a gallon (NPR) that would create local jobs and keep the money local not to mention all the environmental benefits we would have from HEMP fuel WHY?, why do you not ask yourself why we have to give up our property rights because the medical monopoly and their foreign owned pharmaceutical company can tell us it’s not how hard and American works according to them all the science all the technology in the world can never make a building safe for a smoker and nonsmoker to peacefully coexist, ignoring the pollution from the auto and factory’s that are killing us ? Why for the public good? HOVER had his PUBLIC GOOD, not only did he teach the Iranians how to have their secret police and to pass moral judgments against the people, he was a blatant transvestite that was not only going after criminals but targeting his opponents, his hetrosexual opponents according to wired magazine they tortured the gays back in the 1960s to cure them of their gayness when really Hover was targeting the heterosexual, he was well connected with the Rockefellers, Dow and DuPont PETRO chemical companies ASK YOURSELF has the Talibomb has infiltrated this country? Guns from Iran- Iran contra? Then there crack hitting the streets while all the weed dried up. And I would like you to Ask yourself why St. Louis has so many gangs and crime and violence how can these gangs make so much money? Why a person has to pay $5.00 for weed, hemp, pot that is 1/5 the amount that a person in san Francisco would have to pay who are these people who work to, according to Time magazine “subvert the true science of weed” and sell out our freedom? I would like you to ask yourself do you really believe that they only make designer steroids for the jocks and breathalyzer pills for the Europeans ? do you really believe they only control the crave with their nicotine patch and Parkinson’s drug? Deplete a man his sugar and you can have a sugar addict and chase him around the world claiming it’s just a big fat looser, make someone allergic to peanuts and you can chase him around the world with your peanut oil claiming it’s just another crazy talking to himself – do you really think this is not possible? And when they can spend 12.9 million dollars targeting Cheech and Chong and the only thing they could get him for was selling glass art work out of state, no American can be safe no American can be secure or free when we have these cowards are out there attacking cancer and scoliosis patient ,going after paraplegics for weed! Ask yourself why haven’t these Nazi been brought to justice? And if you do this you will realize that the only way to secure our freedom is to insure that the Christian has the full power that God has granted man in the first page of the Christian bible, the power over the plants and animals. This power should not be sold out to some god in white coat for it is mans mortal rights that are genetic, neurological, historical, natural and religious rights, these rights can not be denied. Read more in the book



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