Arrest warrant should be issued for head of the DEA

17 Jun

Arrest warrant should be issued for head of the DEA

Enough evidence is available for the arrest of the head of the Dea for the attempted murder of Daniel Chung (San Diego student ) and for his part in the Genocide and the selling out of Americas freedom .From the spraying of pot with parquet, to the torture of the Governor of California ( libertarian Candidate ) who sought refuge in Canada only to be forced back and held until he pissed blood before they gave him a pot substitute- when 10,000 people die on the streets of America each year fighting for their genetic, neurotically, historical and natural right as a MORTAL human Not only do they advertise that they want to see a world with no smokers they deny- sabotage the American employer with forced fraudulent drug testing they sabotage the American small business and employees by locking up the Heath Information about Plants profiting off our old and sick making a whole economy off the illness of the American. Setting up road blocks to demonize the drinker and the partier- It took drugs and courage to settle the old west anyone would be a fool to think the future would be any different yet the DEA continue to make criminals out of people supporting gangs and their wholesale destruction of neighborhoods – what happened Honor they parents or our country founders, if our forefather could walk down to the store and buy what they need or want then who are these cowards selling out our freedom telling us that regardless of how hard an American works, irrespective of all the science according to them an American can’t make a building safe for a smoker and nonsmoker to peacefully coexist??!! Really show me your bible or show me your science World WAR 1 and WORLD WAR 2 were both won by the ciggeraite smoker by the tobacco grower .If you don’t like what God Created rot in hell but your silent Genocide will come to an End read more in the book ABOUT CHRISTANS AND


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