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14 Feb

Arrest the Homeless
smokingspirit | 17 October, 2011 22:44

Arrest the Homeless
Arrest the homeless they do cry; Complete the economic genocide. From sea to shinning sea, there is no place for him to pea. Arrest him for vagrancy, arrest him for loitering, but just insure there is no tolerance. No shelter from rain, no shower to wash away the pain. Arrest these crazy, lazy men how they do offend. Take the tax dollar they gladly spend to lock these people in a pen. Thirty thousand dollars they will spend to fill them with fear and bring to tears. No place to call home left only to Rome . Arrest the homeless they do cry for you can see it in their eyes. No food, no job and now a criminal record
the probation officer won’t get the message. Not a tee-pee or a tent shall be lent for that’s not what their God meant. They teach them in jail how to fail and fear, fill them with violence and demand their silence. Arrest the homeless where they stand, for the drug war is at hand, They will not stand to share this land.
Arrest the homeless they must cease even if a man of peace.
They don’t pray in our church but play in the dirt. Look
she has no skirt!
It the moral thing to do, to keep them to our rule.
The goodness of nature and Gods natural goodness must be denied, for these they criminalize.
Arrest the homeless for they must; for it’s only in their god they trust.
Arrest the homeless till he dies, for it’s only a paycheck away from you or I.
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smoking spirit religious practices and ceremony
smokingspirit | 13 October, 2011 16:42

Smoking spirit religious practices are of a universal church – it incorporates the best of all religions from
Fal Gong – Shiva- Buddhist- Tibetan -Hindu- osho, ect.. it does not limit or exclude any, and leaves it up to the individual to decide whats best for them recognizing that Jesus Christ died for our sins with one condition to follow him, his moral ,his idea, in one word his moral must rain supreme for all else is detail, PEACE for the great abomination is violence.
Sit around a circle around a in cent stick, fire etc..
make the burnt offering to lord Shiva Buddha, and st. Anthony -this could be anything , joint -cigarette- wine- (blood of Christ) whiskey (water of life)
short prayer start
sign of cross at end
exchange ideas- GAP ( gaze ascend pray) move into a silent meditation
gigong- philosophy martial arts medicine
fal gong sitting hand movements 4-4-7-7-4-4-
stretch ( osho dance)
standing fal gong
bending past way blessing
circle hands fal gong ( XX )
burnt offering end with cross
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bail out for the bankers as they create their eleit class
smokingspirit | 03 October, 2011 17:17

Is Goldman sacks planning to take over our freedom? They just gave a million dollars so that the police can continue their drug war – genocide against our freedom. If the Discovery channel T.V. points out that they have a weapon that can make two people in a fox hole for example extremely attracted to one another and the Cop T.V. show points out how two guys were going to rob this place “then they turned up the aggravation level” and the two were out in front of their car fighting each other then the cops just happened to drive by , neither show elaborated on this weapon , but the fact that they have them and could hide in the back ground playing God and no one could expose them because their weapons are for ever classified is more proof that they just don’t make designer steroids for the jocks and they just don’t control the crave with their nicotine patch they control the crave read more in the book About Christians and freedom @amazon.com or An Opening for the livening @Amazon
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health care
smokingspirit | 06 September, 2011 16:30

The medical monopolies conspiracy to over throw America They deny the American the right to the American declaration of independence; Gods nature and his natural goodness declared there in, no way to question their fraudulent science, they make the test they make the machines that take the test and unless you worship Apollo or swear to hypocrites you are just out of luck , or crazy. They take away our freedom destroying our property values with their drug war and gut our cities with their crime and violence, they can’t even tell a geese’s brain but we are to give up our freedom because they claim it’s just someone with weak will, according to them “It doesn’t matter how hard and American works regardless of all the money the science or technology an American can never make a building safe for a smoker and nonsmoker to peacefully coexist, is it too much for the Christian to ask for the right to the first page of the Christian bible? (The power over the plants and animals God has granted man?) Is it too much for the burnt offering of Saint Anthony, lord Shiva or Buddha to stand equal with those who worship Apollo and make their hypocritical oath and dare to try to tell us how it ought to be? Is it too much for the American to ask that the natural, ancestral genetic, neurological, historical, or religious rights of man be respected? For freedom is the freedom of choice to use self restraint and self responsibility in the making of that choice, but when they pay these Nazis $50,000.00 per year to attack cancer and scoliosis patient, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see why American has the highest addiction rate in the world, or why they would spray paraquate on the weed they are carrying out a genocide, selling out our freedom for their wallets least we forget it took drugs and courage to settle the old west anyone would be a fool to believe the future would be any difference, the only difference are we going to hand over our freedom the these gods in white coats and their bounty hunters? Read more in the books ABOUT CHRISTIANS AND FREEDOM@Amazon.com or AN OPENING FOR THE LIVING@Amazon.com or check out our web site at SMOKINGSPIRIT123.com
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what every person needs to know to preserve freedom
smokingspirit | 01 September, 2011 12:40

Understanding technology and those who play God

Technology has been used throughout time by people who want to play god- In ancient Roman times only the high priest could open the temple door- Lewis and Clark could throw some gun powder on the fire- make a deer dead with no bow or arrow- Cortez played god and the south American and the Indians gave up their freedom today if you are not seeing things in ultra violet, thermo imaging , Gama or inferRed, if you are not filming at 500,000 frames per second then you are not seeing the real world, man only sees a small fraction of light – then you have sound technology, high frequency sound that can make imagery or hear an elephant from seven miles away, now add in a few David copper field and Chris Angel magic tricks- even a Harry Potter cloak that a Japan university has 90% effectively produced and if you back them up with a few drones that can be two miles up on a clear day and you cannot see them , yet they can see the whites of your eyes, now you have the making of the technology wizards, who are playing god passing their phony morality on the people, gutting our cities with their crime and violence destroying our property values and small business and carrying out a drug war to destroy our freedom their science or logic just doesn’t add up read more in the book
About Christians and freedom @ Amazon. Com

Or An opening for the living @amazon.com

Or check out our web site @ http://www.smokingspirit123.com


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