not by law but by war they attack the americans

14 Feb

Black men are 6 times more likely to get prostate cancer than whites- the explosion of illness among all groups of so called undesirables has expanded at an alarming rate- a 30% increase in psychological, emotional, ADD and bi-polar disorders among Americans continues to expand. America has the highest addiction rate in the world and instead of looking at the basic facts of the causes they just recommend more money for the doctors and more pills for the people. look at the facts – CBS 60 minutes does a TV show about a south African dr. who gets busted injecting people with the AIDS virus and a high US government official fly’s in and confiscates some high tech weapon no further info about the weapon, the doctor is prosecuted without mentioning the weapon( they have the means, the technology. Frontline PBS points out that Nixon had to do something to stop the anti war protestors and silence the Berkeley subversives and the drug war was the way to stop them and appease the south with their new desegregation laws, they could still segregate the people with their drug war (MOTIVE) they could build a whole economy off the prison empire and profiting off our old and sick- work until you are 86 or until you get sick then hand it all over to them the one nobody dares to offend ( their incentive) and each time if any of these talibomb get caught they make a baseless accusation against the American for “when the Muslim plays the moral card the Christian is always suppose to loose and with health care and the big pharmaceutical companies criminalizing the Christian for honoring and or using the power over the plants that God had granted to all men or demanding that the Christian join them in their hate and condemnation of all of God’s creation it won’t be long before they come after you and demand that they count your donuts or make sure they approve you sitting on your porch and have a coffee or if you pass their moral test. Help restore our freedom read more in the book An Opening for the living


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