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health care
smokingspirit | 06 September, 2011 16:30

The medical monopolies conspiracy to over throw America They deny the American the right to the American declaration of independence; Gods nature and his natural goodness declared there in, no way to question their fraudulent science, they make the test they make the machines that take the test and unless you worship Apollo or swear to hypocrites you are just out of luck , or crazy. They take away our freedom destroying our property values with their drug war and gut our cities with their crime and violence, they can’t even tell a geese’s brain but we are to give up our freedom because they claim it’s just someone with weak will, according to them “It doesn’t matter how hard and American works regardless of all the money the science or technology an American can never make a building safe for a smoker and nonsmoker to peacefully coexist, is it too much for the Christian to ask for the right to the first page of the Christian bible? (The power over the plants and animals God has granted man?) Is it too much for the burnt offering of Saint Anthony, lord Shiva or Buddha to stand equal with those who worship Apollo and make their hypocritical oath and dare to try to tell us how it ought to be? Is it too much for the American to ask that the natural, ancestral genetic, neurological, historical, or religious rights of man be respected? For freedom is the freedom of choice to use self restraint and self responsibility in the making of that choice, but when they pay these Nazis $50,000.00 per year to attack cancer and scoliosis patient, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see why American has the highest addiction rate in the world, or why they would spray paraquate on the weed they are carrying out a genocide, selling out our freedom for their wallets least we forget it took drugs and courage to settle the old west anyone would be a fool to believe the future would be any difference, the only difference are we going to hand over our freedom the these gods in white coats and their bounty hunters? Read more in the books ABOUT CHRISTIANS AND or AN OPENING FOR THE or check out our web site at
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what every person needs to know to preserve freedom
smokingspirit | 01 September, 2011 12:40

Understanding technology and those who play God

Technology has been used throughout time by people who want to play god- In ancient Roman times only the high priest could open the temple door- Lewis and Clark could throw some gun powder on the fire- make a deer dead with no bow or arrow- Cortez played god and the south American and the Indians gave up their freedom today if you are not seeing things in ultra violet, thermo imaging , Gama or inferRed, if you are not filming at 500,000 frames per second then you are not seeing the real world, man only sees a small fraction of light – then you have sound technology, high frequency sound that can make imagery or hear an elephant from seven miles away, now add in a few David copper field and Chris Angel magic tricks- even a Harry Potter cloak that a Japan university has 90% effectively produced and if you back them up with a few drones that can be two miles up on a clear day and you cannot see them , yet they can see the whites of your eyes, now you have the making of the technology wizards, who are playing god passing their phony morality on the people, gutting our cities with their crime and violence destroying our property values and small business and carrying out a drug war to destroy our freedom their science or logic just doesn’t add up read more in the book
About Christians and freedom @ Amazon. Com

Or An opening for the living

Or check out our web site @


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