Cloths and tobacco

14 Feb

Cloths and tobacco
smokingspirit | 28 January, 2012 18:42

People say you are just addicted to tobacco, that you don’t really need to smoke- yet that smoke is Holy whether its tobacco -weed-sage- or some other Natural unadulterated God Given plant. You are so quick to claim your drug free zones while you hypocritically take your vaccines- your pharmaceuticals prescriptions even your eye sight you distort with your prescription eye glasses – I am not questioning your right to do as you see fit- even though you do not need need cloths you are just addicted to them- Oh cloths protect you and it would be immoral you claim! – smoke protects us from mosquito far better than your cloths, so you would not go without cloths what right do you have to tell me to go without smokes? Both are an addiction! But the smoker also has the God given right- what sin did Adam and Eve commit? Take the bible quiz in ( AN OPENING FOR THE LIVING) it would be immoral for us to go without smoke,As you without cloths – It took Drugs and courage & smoke to settle the old west including some good couples going without cloths, So May modern man learn to thank a coke head next time they turn on a light bulb for it is someone like Thomas Edison who brought us out of the dark ages- may modern man learn to thank a pot head next time they enjoy their freedom or drive in a car for it was people like Thomas Jefferson, George Washington and Henry Ford who brought us our freedom & all had something to do with weed- may modern man learn to thank a cigarette smoker next time they enjoy their morning coffee or don’t have to report how many donuts they ate that day, because everyone know chocolate is like weed and coffee is self medicating and its the smoker who keeps the czar and his Nazis at bay from forcing us to report how many calories we eat- may the universal God accept this and all natural ancestral, neurological ,historical, genetic and religious burnt offering with or without cloths.

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Anti- smoking- anti drinking- anti gay -anti christ
smokingspirit | 24 January, 2012 15:38

How many times did J.E. Hover go to the Middle East?-Muslim countries? How many visitors did he and Nixon entertain before they created the fuel crisis and DRUG War? When the FBI put on “their moral sex watchers vest” – no one is ever moral enough to meet their standards- It’s not right to life –Its anti abortion It’s not anti abortion -vers- choice its let the medical monopoly perform these horrid operations – or- agree to let them monitor every sexual intercourse. Once they come after you; your forever guilty- the next agent just has to work harder to make you guilty- Hovers Holiday hotel gives the people two choices join the Muslim or join the gays- they work to demonize anything to do with ADAM and Eve while secretly promoting Adam and Steve, when somebody’s sexual preferences should be no ones business but the parties involved. The Gays have a biblical right to exist read more in the book (An Opening for the and although they will try to tell you they just wanted to arrest one person who went out jogging every morning the real reason was that the people of Waco violated their moral standards. When the Muslim plays the moral card the Christians always suppose to loose its time to take a closer look at these right wing immoral hypocrite who are passing judgment against these decedent Americans and Berkeley subversives who refuse to demonize what God created. Who are you to deny me beauty in my youth and then tell me I’m too old for the truth who are you to deny me the right to prosper and propagate because I’m not moral enough for the state?
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our case for freedom
smokingspirit | 24 January, 2012 15:37

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out why America has the highest addiction rate in the world, any one of these should make a strong case to protect our freedom yet their blatant denial of the facts only proves that the corruption is Systemic; maybe if we can expose the tortures studies they did with their LSD, Kentucky Drug Farm and Edgewood it would show that the 1% has been taken over by the tailibomb Political- Racial: Michelle Alexander book- The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of ColorblindnessFinancial: NPR frontline PBS war on drugsScience : No magician will expose the David Copperfield and Chris Angel magic tricks they use against the smoker although Time magazine points out the true science of weed is being subverted, No amount of science or $ can make a building safe for a smoker and non smoker to peacefully coexist (even though man has had smoke in his lungs since the beginning of time)and any highly questionable study can win FDA approval- they make the test they make the machines that make the test and if you don’t worship Apollo and swear to Hippocrates ( make the hypocritical oath) your just out of luckTechnology: http://www.smokingspirit123.comReligion:


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